Ukrainian superstar Barvina visits Aspen Valley Polo Club

Recently Ukrainian superstar Barvina(Margaryta Voytenkova) traveled to Aspen, CO, where she was exclusively interviewed by L’Officiel. There she found a hidden gem — Aspen Valley polo Club.

She never played the game before. Luckily for her, the Polo School makes the sport attainable for new players interested in this sport. A dedicated string of “quiet” horses are used for the Polo School; they have been trained specifically for amateur riders and teaching scenarios.

The Polo School was founded by legendary polo star Melissa Ganzi. Ganzi strives to provide an opportunity for anyone to experience the sport of polo, and aims to extend her passion for the sport to the next generation of polo players. The Polo School is dedicated to teaching polo to all ages, particularly grassroots youth. The curriculum has been developed to be approachable by polo enthusiasts of any equestrian level.

Taking classes during the week, Barvina understood why Polo is sometimes considered even a game of the kings. To win, Barvina learned that the player must conquer several elements at once:

  • Master the horse and be one with nature.
  • The horse and the player must be one and form a team.
  • In polo, the horse is considered a personal avatar.
  • Immerse and control the inner self.
  • Players need to hit the ball accurately and transfer enough energy to hit the target.
  • Understand social dynamics.
  • Players learn early on to understand each other and build interactions through gameplay.
  • Improve coordination in the field.
  • Accurate understanding distance, speed, and obstacles are crucial for winning movement.

Polo is expensive, but not only for kings. This is a common impression of the sport though, mostly because the richest people on the planet are among the players. But the assumption that a fortune is need to play, along with horse farms, horses, and a whole staff is incorrect. Today, it is possible to simply become a member of a polo club. Members pay a fixed price and have access to horses, training, and polo games.

One of the less known bonuses that can offset the costs of the game is the opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship to study at a prestigious university. Many colleges are actively recruiting for and in need of future polo athletes.

Model: Barvina (Margaryta Voytenkova)
Photographer: Artem Shestakov
Stylist/Creative: Nikita Kleshch
Makeup/Hair: Olga Anisko

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