The 2021 Circuit Governor Elections will take place this summer. Please find an outline for the election process below.

  • All candidates must be nominated, regardless if they currently hold a Circuit Governor position.
  • Only Delegates representing Active Member Clubs are eligible to nominate or vote for a candidate.
  • Any individual receiving two or more nominations will be considered a candidate for the office of Circuit Governor.
  • All Candidates must be Registered Players who are at least 18 years of age and registered with an Active Member Club in the Circuit as of June 1 of the election year.
  • Each Delegate will receive the number of ballots set forth below based on the number of Registered Player Members in the Active Member Club that the Delegate represents:
Circuit Governor Ballet Information.

2021 Circuit Governor Election Timeline

Tuesday, June 1: Deadline for Registered Player count at Active Member Clubs.

No later than Tuesday, June 8: The Association will convey to Delegates of each Active Member Club in good standing as of June 1, with a copy to the incumbent Circuit Governor:

  • A list of the Member Club’s Registered Players who are at least 18 years of age and of record as of June 1.
  • A nominating form.
  • A list of all Active Member Clubs in the Circuit as of June 1, including the name and address of each Delegate.

Tuesday, July 13: Nominations due.

Tuesday, July 20: Ballots sent to the Delegates.

Tuesday, August 10: Ballots due.

Before Monday, August 30: Results announced.

If you have any questions please reach out to Lindsey Ebersbach,

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