USPA Outdoor Handicap Changes

Increases for Britos, Cambiaso Jnr & Castagnola
On Wednesday 4 October, the United States Polo Association (USPA) announced their 2021 annual outdoor handicap changes, which saw a range of increases as well as a few decreases in handicaps across the board; below are a selection of the higher level changes, for a full list please click here:

8 to 9 goals: Juan Britos, Poroto Cambiaso & Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola

6 to 7 goals: Jesse Bray, Jorge Fernandez Ocampo Jr., Mariano Gonzalez Jr. & Tomas Panelo

8 to 7 goals: Mariano Aguerre & Valerio Zubiaurre7 to 6 goals: Lucas Criado Sr. & Felipe Marquez 

Photograph: Juan Britos’ handicap has been raised to 9 goals in America. By ©

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