Ylvisaker Cup: Tamera, Sunday winners; Palm Beach Polo qualify for final

The 18-goal Ylvisaker Cup continued on Sunday, January 31, as Tamera narrowly defeated Aspen 11-10 at International Polo Club Palm Beach.

The win earned Tamera a spot in the semifinal, where they will face Beverly Polo on Wednesday, February 3. The winner will take on Palm Beach Equine’s in the championship match.

After an intensely fought first half, where Aspen (with 1-goaler Hope Arellano 1 subbing in for Alejandro Poma) took the upper hand, Tamera, led by 9-goaler Diego Cavanagh, managed to tie the match 6-all in the fourth chukka and take the lead in the fifth. While Aspen outscored Tamera in the sixth, top scorer Cavanagh converted two more goals to seal the deal and secured the win for Tamera.

In the awards presentation, Lucas James was named MVP, while BPP went to Zebra, ridden by James and owned by Pilot Polo.

Score Tamera: 1-3, 2-4, 5-4, 6-6, 9-7, 11-10.

Tamera: Hope Arellano 1 (replaced Alejandro Poma 1), Lucas Escobar 3 (3 goals), Diego Cavanagh 9 (8), Luis Escobar 5. Total: 18.

Aspen: Keko Magrini 2, Ignacio Alberbide 5 (2), Lucas James 8 (7), Stewart Armstrong 3 (1). Total: 18.

Photo credits: AGUSTINA FONDA.

Tamera vs. Aspen

The Ylvisaker Cup finals are set for Sunday, February 7.


Aspen: Keko Magrini 2, Ignacio Alberbode 5, Lucas James 8,  Stewart Armstrong 3. Total: 18.

Beverly Polo: Bill Ballhaus 0, Peke Gonzalez 6*, Tolito Fernández Ocampo 6, Hilario Figueras 4. Total: 16 (*replaces an injured Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6).

Palm Beach Equine: Costi Caset 5, Robbie Bilbao 5, Gringo Colombres 8, Scott Swerdlin 0. Total: 18.

Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1 *, Lucas Escobar 3, Diego Cavanagh 9, Luis Escobar 5. Total: 18. (*Replaced by Hope Arellano 1, in the match against Aspen on Sunday January 31).


Wednesday 20, 3pm:  Beverly Polo 11-10 Aspen

Thursday 21, 3pm:  Palm Beach Equine 10-7 Tamera

Sunday 24, 3pm:  Aspen 10-8 Palm Beach Equine

Tuesday 26, 3pm:  Tamera 14-10 Beverly Polo

Saturday 30, 3pm:  Palm Beach Equine 11-9 Beverly Polo

Sunday 31, 3pm:  Aspen 11-10 Tamera

Wednesday, 3pm, mini semifinal: Tamera vs. Beverly Polo

Sunday 7 – FINALS

10am  Ylvisaker Subsidiary Cup: Fourth vs. Loser mini semi

3pm  Ylvisaker Cup Final: Palm Beach Equine vs. Winner of mini semifinal

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