Youngest polo player, more than 50 medals: After listening to the stories of Maharana Pratap and his horse, he decided to ride, took the reins in the 7th

The excitement of the 22nd Polo Season has started in Jodhpur. The most talked about in the tournament is 16-year-old polo player Bhanwar Kirti Dev Chandel. He is the youngest player to play in Jodhpur Polo. Chandel, who is studying in class 11th at Mayo College Ajmer, belongs to the former Mahoba royal family of Uttar Pradesh.

Kirti’s father Kunwar Pushpendra Singh Chandel is a BJP MP from Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh and mother Dipali Chandel is interested in social work. Kirti Chandel, the youngest player to play for the Mayo team, interacts with the Maharaja Gaj Singh Sports Foundation Polo Ground. Kirti tells that since childhood, Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak had heard the tales, since then he was determined to ride horse. He told that he learned horse riding from the seventh grade. Then participated in many competitions and won more than 50 medals.

Kirti took Polo training at Mayo College itself. He prepared for 6 months to play the Jodhpur Polo Tournament. He told that coach Bajrang sir has trained a lot. Here he has got a chance to play with big players like Bashir Ali. This experience was very good. Chandel told that he is very much influenced by Jodhpur Polo. The way the former Maharaja Gaj Singh was devoted to polo, he is an inspiration to him.

Horse also becomes player
Chandel explains that there comes a moment during the game that the horse is running and is in speed, at that time it is not known where the horse is and where the player is. Together they become players. Player number one is known as player number 2. There is something different about this adventure. After getting this thrill, no one thinks of giving up polo.Kirti was in 7th standard when he learned to ride.

Coach Bajrang Singh says that in order to advance Kirti’s talent, along with daily studies, one hour is available for horse riding in the morning and evening. Keerti has a good friendship with the Thero breed horse.

Mother Deepali Singh Chandel, who came to see the son’s match, told that for the first time she has seen her son playing in a big tournament. He told that Kirti was more interested in horses since childhood. He said that I feel proud to see my son playing.Kirti Dev Chandel with her grandfather and brother.

On the first day of the tournament on 6 November, Kirti played Arena Polo (indoor polo) for the Mayo team. His team has won a spectacular victory in the match of 2 goals. Now his Final Arena match is with the Umaid Bhawan team on Wednesday.

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