14th Manipur Polo Intl Tournament : USA beat Indian Navy 13-6, UK defeat India A 9-4

USA polo team overwhelmed Indian Navy 13-6 while UK defeated India-A (Indian Polo Association) 9-4 on the third day of the 14th Manipur Polo International Tournament being organized by Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association at Mapal Kangjeibung.

Even though the Indian Navy team lost the match, it put up a much better show than their first match where they lost to the UK 16-0 .

The match started on equal footing in the 1st chukkar with both USA and Indian Navy scoring two goals each.

While Will Boland and JP Varquez scored for the USA, Altaf Khan scored twice for the Indian Navy in this chukkar.

In the 2nd Chukkar, USA pumped in three goals through Jorge Varquez (twice) and JP Varquez while Captain AP Singh and Commander AK Panchai scored for the Indian Navy.

The 3rd and 4th chukkar was the period where the USA showed dominance.

In the third chukker Nik Feldman and Will Boland scored another two goals each for the USA while Captain AP Singh scored twice for the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy failed to score a single goal in the 4th chukkar but the USA struck four more goals all through Will Boland.

USA won the match with a commanding seven goals lead (13-6).In the second match, the UK scored three goals in the 1st chukkar through Jack Tucker, Harry Tucker and Pil Seller.

India-A, however, failed to open its account in the opening chukkar.

In the 2nd chukkar, Harry Tucker scored twice for UK while Major Aman Singh and Ranshay Purohit scored a goal each for India-A .

The India A team drew blank again in the 3rd chukkar as the UK team added two more goals through George Amor and Phil Seller and extended the lead to 7-2.The 4th chukkar saw a stiff contest between the two sides as both the team scored two goals each with Phil Seller and Harry Tucker scoring for the UK and Syed Hurr Ali scoring twice for India A, but the victory ultimately went to UK with 5 goals lead.

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