The USPA is pleased to announce the following individuals (listed alphabetically by last name) elected to serve as Governors-at-Large for the next term by a record number of 1,046 Registered Player Members of the Association participating in the election.

  • Mr. Julio Arellano
  • Ms. Chrys Beal
  • Ms. Liz Brayboy
  • Ms. Haley Bryan*
  • Mr. Tony Coppola*
  • Ms. Erica Gandomcar-Sachs
  • Mr. Tom Gose
  • Ms. Cindy Halle*
  • Dr. Michael Manno*
  • Mr. Robert Orthwein*
  • Mr. Peter Rizzo
  • Ms. Robin Sanchez

Please join the Association in congratulating this group and extending a sincere thanks to all the candidates for their participation in the election and passion for the sport of polo.

*Newly-elected governors.

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