The Governor at Large Election began on Tuesday, July 19. All eligible Registered Player Members received an email ballot and hard ballots were mailed to the address on file. 20 candidates are on the ballot, 12 from the Nominating Committee (marked with an asterisk*) and eight independent nominations from the Club Delegates. The 12 candidates with the most votes by 5:00pm ET on Tuesday, August 16 will be appointed as the new Governors at Large at the Fall Board of Governors Meeting.

· Julio Arellano
· Chrys Beal*
· Liz Brayboy*
· Maureen Brennan
· Haley Bryan*
· Cecilia Cochran
· Dan Coleman
· Tony Coppola*
· Pamela Flanagan
· Dr. Diego Florez
· Erica Gandomcar-Sachs*
· Tom Gose*
· Paul Griffin
· Cindy Halle*
· Justin Klentner
· Dr. Michael Manno*
· Bob McMurtry*
· Robert Orthwein*
· Peter Rizzo*
· Robin Sanchez*

To be eligible to participate in the election you must be a Registered Player Member (U.S. Citizen) over 18 years of age as of January 1, 2022. Each eligible Registered Player Member can vote for up to 12 candidates. Governors at Large serve for a three year term and may not serve more than three consecutive three-year terms. Learn more about each Governor at Large candidate at the link below. 



If you have not received your ballot please contact Lindsey Ebersbach, Director of Governance and Operations, at lebersbach@uspolo.org

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