A thrilling Zafiro Cup and Ladies Cup are underway at La Dolfina

The Zafiro Cup, La Dolfina Polo Club’s premier tournament, is currently underway at Adolfo Cambiaso’s home, in Cañuelas. The 2022 edition of the tournament that has been established 17 years ago, sees twelve teams up to 16 goals, in participation. Alongside the Zafiro Cup is La Dolfina Ladies Cup, the ladies tournament that sees five teams up to 28 goals (ladies handicap), partake. Both competitions kicked off on Monday October 17 and will come to an end on Friday October 28.

The Zafiro Cup and La Dolfina Ladies Cup provides the unique opportunity to play at Adolfo Cambiaso’s club, along with some of the best players worldwide, including the man himself – 17 times champion at Palermo – and his son, Poroto. Barto Castagnola, Jejo Taranco, Diego Cavanagh, among others, are within the pros lineups, as well as some of the most renowned international patrons, such as HH Sheikha Maitha, Sarah Siegel-Magness, Jenny Luttrell Benardoni, Louis Devaleix, just to name a few.

In addition to the polo games, the Zafiro Cup and the Ladies Cup will include two important events. On Wednesday October 26, the Cañuelas-based club will host the tournament official dinner and the Cria La Dolfina sale, which brings a special occassion to give a look at some of the most remarkable bloodlines in the world, supported by La Dolfina.

The finals of the Zafiro Cup and La Dolfina Ladies Cup are set to be played on Friday, October 28. A fabulous closing party will follow the awards presentation.


CK SHACK: Santino Magrini 5, Martín Valent 4, José María Petracchi 2, Joaquín Panelo 6.

COTTEREL: Jenny Luttrell Benardoni 0, Rocho Torreguitar 4, Quico Belaustegui 4, Jejo Taranco 8. Total: 16.

DUNDAS I: Sarah Siegel Magness 0, Gero Obregon 6, Tomás Panelo 8, Juan Cruz Marcos 2. Total: 16.

DUNDAS II: Cable Magness 0, Keko Magrini 4, Lorenzo Chavanne 3, Poroto Cambiaso 9. Total: 16.

FOUR QUARTERS: Manny Arber / Tomás Ballesteros 1, Benjamin Urquiza 6, Gonzalo Ferrari 6, Benjamín Avendaño 3. Total: 16.

LA FE: Louis Devaleix 1, Gonzalo Deltour 6, Robi Bilbao 6, Rodrigo Bauzada 3. Total: 16.

LISTA BLANCA: Melitón López 0, Manuel Calafell 6, Hugo Taylor 4, Hilario Figueras 6. Total: 16.

M&M: Alejandro Martínez 0, César Polledo 6, Tommy Collingwood 5, Rafael Pando 5. Total: 16.

MERCADO DE CAÑUELAS: Lorenzo Metro 0, Matías Benoit 6, Facundo Castagnola 4, Nacho Kennedy 4. Total: 16.

TAMERA: Alejandro Poma 1, Diego Cavanagh 8, Segundo Saravi 4, Paquito de Narvaez 3. Total: 16.

TSA: Santiago Pando 1, Fran Benardoni 2, Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Beltrán Laulhé 3. Total: 16.

UAE EL OVERO: Sheikha Maitha 0, Lukin Monteverde 6, Barto Castagnola 10, Agustín Acuña 0. Total: 16.


CASA LIBERTAS: Meghan Gracida 3, Lía Salvo 9, Clara Cassino 7, Hazel Jackson 9. Total: 28.

DUNDAS: Mia Cambiaso 7, Candelaria Fernández Araujo 8, Milagros Fernández Araujo 7, Sarah Siegel Magness 2. Total: 24.

LE – POLO ANGELS: Elena Venot 5, Pearl Venot 5, Lucie Venot 5, Sofía Lorenzo 5. Total: 20.

THAI POLO: Sofía Rivas 5, Sol López Llames 7, Catalina Lavinia 6, Maite Marré 6. Total: 24.

TORTUGAS: Jazmín Dupont 5, Azucena Uranga 6, Camila Rossi 5, Agustina Imaz 5. Total: 21.


Dundas I 8-7 Tamera

UAE El Overo 12-6 Cotterel

Dundas II 10-7 Mercado de Cañuelas

CK Shack 7-6 TSA

Dundas I 6-8 Four Quarters

La Fe 3-5 Cotterel

M&M 8-15 Tamera

TSA 6-10 Mercado de Cañuelas

UAE El Overo 13-9 Lista Blanca

La Fe 12-11 Lista Blanca

CK Shack vs Dundas II


LE – Polo Angels 6.5-6 Thai Polo

Dundas 3-5.5 Tortugas

Thai Polo 6.5-9 casa Libertas

The Zafiro Cup and La Dolfina Ladies Cup will continue as follows:

Saturday October 22

Zafiro Cup:

Dundas I vs M&M

La Dolfina Ladies Cup:

Tortugas vs Casa Libertas

Photo Credit: Paddy Ramirez

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