Al Habtoor and Ben Dre in the Halloween Polo Cup Final today

The stadiums of Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Club and Resort will witness tomorrow afternoon the final of the Halloween Polo Cup, which brings together the Al Habtoor and Ben Dari teams in one of the strongest matches of the tournament. The brilliant Ben Drey team is led by Mohammed Bin Drey, along with his two brothers Rashid, Khalid Bin Dre and Kim Roach, with a total of Handicap 4 Goals as well. 

The two sides seem equal, but the two matches played by each of them give another indication. While the Al Habtoor defense is characterized by strength, there is a large balance of 16 goals, indicating the strength of the Ben Dari team’s attack due to the understanding of “Ayal Bin Dari”. Therefore, it is difficult to predict who will win the cup today, especially since each team has won its last two matches. The final match will be preceded by a second consolation cup match between Sheikha Alia’s team and PBS team at 3:00 pm. 


Al Habtoor’s team had defeated its rival, the PBS team led by Mohammed Khaled, along with Sultan Al-Faisal, who tried a lot without success with eight goals against four and a half goals, after a match dominated by the Al Habtoor team and presented a strong show. As for the Ben Dari team, it defeated its rival, the Salam team, by eight goals to two, in a match in which the Ben Dari team dominated the game in terms of game and result.

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