Marking a significant milestone in women’s polo, the first Federation of International Polo (FIP) Women’s World Polo Championship will be played April 9-16 at Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Featuring six countries in the inaugural competition, the United States will be well represented along with Argentina, Ireland, England, Italy and Brazil. Kicking off the festivities on Friday, April 8, the opening night will be headlined by Maroon 5.

“I am beyond thrilled to be able to represent the United States in the first FIP Women’s World Polo Championship!” Jenna Davis shared. “I can’t wait to play with my talented teammates and meet other players from around the world.” Fellow USA teammate Lily Lequerica echoed her sentiments, “It’s truly an honor to represent the United States in this tournament and it gives me great pleasure to know that I was selected to represent my country.”

Lily Lequerica. ©Christina Cantu

Lily Lequerica. ©Christina Cantu

“We have been talking about field position and to individuals who know about the other teams so our team has a better idea of how to play against them.”  – Lily Lequerica

Two brackets of three teams will play against each other and the top two ranked from each bracket will continue to the semifinals. Each game will be six, four-and-a-half minute, chukkers. Full rosters and schedule are available below:

Bracket A:

  1. Argentina – Paulina Vasquetto (1), Agustina Imaz (4), Azucena Uranga (5), Catalina Lavinia (6), Fatima Balzano (6), Malena Martinez (1), Luisa Del Carril (4), Jazmin Dupont (5), Alexia Larpida (4)
  2. Ireland – Caroline Keeling (1), Siobhan Herbst (4), April Kent (4) Ines Lalor (7), Luca Moore (1), Emily Beere (1), Katie McKinney (2), Charlotte Sweeney (4)
  3. England – Fran Townsend (1), Milly Hughes (3) Heloise Wilson Smith (6), Emma Tomlinson (6), Rosie Ross (6), Jemina Walker (3), Sarah Glover (0)

Bracket B:

  1. Italy – Ginevra Camila Visconti (1), Alice Eleonora Coria (3), Maria Vittoria Marchiorello (3), Camila Rossi (5), Constanza Marchiorello (3), Maitena Marre (6), Clara Martinez Ferrario (4)
  2. Brazil – Eduarda Vilela Rosa Engler (3), Ana Claudia Marinho (3), Alice Hoop Meireles (3), Lucia Junqueira Du Plessis (3), Camila Ribeiro Jordāo Jacinto (3), Sofia Lima Diniz Junqueira (3), Luisa Lima Diniz Junqueira (3)
  3. United States – Audry Persano (5), Erica Gandomcar-Sachs (5), Lily Lequerica (3), Jenna Davis (3)
USA's Audry Persano. ©David Murrell.

USA’s Audry Persano. ©David Murrell.


Saturday, April 9
Game #1A – Argentina vs Ireland
Game #2A – Italy vs Brazil

Sunday, April 10
England vs Loser of game #1A
USA vs Loser of game #2A

Tuesday, April 12
England vs team they haven’t faced
USA vs team they haven’t faced

Thursday, April 14
Semifinal #1
Semifinal #2

Saturday, April 16
FIP Women’s World Polo Championship Final

USA's Erica Gandomcar-Sachs. ©David Lominska

USA’s Erica Gandomcar-Sachs. ©David Lominska

With the XII FIP World Polo Championship coming to Wellington, Florida, in October 2022, it is an especially thrilling year to add a new women’s division of international competition. “During the week of the FIP Women’s World Polo Championship the idea is that the Argentinian field of Palermo will be a place for women,” said AAP President Delfin Uranga. “Many women who pioneered their sports or activities, such as Gabriela Sabatini, Luciana Aymar and Paula Pareto, will be invited to the tournament and the gastronomic walk led by Narda Lepes and will feature bartender Inés De Los Santos.”

“The shear fact that an FIP Women’s World Polo Championship has been organized and now planned is a giant step in the right direction for women’s polo,” said USPA Governor-at-Large Erica Gandomcar-Sachs. “Polo is an international sport and we should continue to promote the game and women’s polo globally!”

The FIP Women’s World Polo Championship will be livestreamed on APP Live on as well as ESPN and Star Plus for Latin America.

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