Barriere victorious at the Coupe d’ Argent

The Zavaleta family still makes history in France. Barriere, with two Zavaleta family members (Ramiro and Simón) and Isabelle Larenaudie, beat Mungo by a narrow 8-7.5, and claimed the Coupe d’Argent, in the final that took place on Saturday August 13 at Deauville International Polo Club, set in Normandy, in Northwest France. The Coupe d’Argent is the opening tournament of the prestigious Barriere Deauville Polo Cup. This traditional event welcomes some of the most renowned names in polo, featuring top players competing in the four tournaments, for men and ladies. One of the most significant tournaments is the legendary Coupe d’Or, established in 1950.

The championship between Barriere and Mungo kicked off with two tight chukkas, until Barriere were able to seize the reins in the third and fourth chukka, dominating the scores to widen their advantage. But in the last chukka, it was Mungo who bounced back, and outscored Barriere 3.5-0. However the efforts didn’t pay off and luck remained on Barriere’s side.

Silver Is Gold, ridden by MVP Pierre-Henri N’Goumou, took BPP honors, while the Best Polo Argentino Bred went to Embrujo Tarentella, played by Simón Zavaleta

The Barriere Deauville Polo Cup is composed of four tournaments: the Coupe d’Argent  (August 7-13); the Ladies Polo Cup (August 10-13), the Coupe de Bronze (August 16-27, that will see ten teams compete) and the most coveted trophy of all, the la Coupe d’Or, which will run from August 15-28 and sees five teams in compete.

The Barriere Deauville Polo Cup will come to an end on Sunday, August 28, with the much anticipated final of the Coupe d’Or. 


COUPE D’ARGENT: August 7-13 (16-goal) Fixture & Teams

LADIES POLO CUP: August 10-13 (12-14 goal, ladies handicap) Fixture & Teams

COUPE DE BRONZE: August 16-27 (6–8 goal) Fixture & Teams

​COUPE D’OR: August 16-28 (14-16 goal) Fixture & Teams



Barriere: Isabelle Larenaudie 0 (1 goal), Ramiro Zavaleta 4 (2), Martin Aguerre Jr. 7 (4),  Simon Zavaleta 5 (1). Total: 16.

Mungo: Ulysse Eisenchteter 0 (1 goal), Juan Cruz Greguoli 4 (1), Juan Jose Storni 5 (2), Pierre-Henri N’Goumou 6 3). Total: 16.

Score Barriere: 1-1.5, 4-3.5, 6-3.5, 8-4.5, 8-7.5.

MVP: Pierre-Henri N’Goumou.

BPP: Silver Is Gold, ridden by Pierre-Henri N´Goumou.

Best Polo Argentino Bred: Embrujo Tarantela, ridden by Simón Zavaleta.

Coupe d’Argent – Fixture & Teams


Coupe d’Argent – Final

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