Billionaire Moves as Sayyu Dantata Dazzles Many at Polo Club with His Chopper


There will always be several critical differences between the rich and the poor. We generally think that death is the equalizer of all men and that we will all answer to God. This is true, at least, some of us believe it. But what about presently? Is the roar of a poor person half as loud as the chuckle of the wealthy? Not if you saw Sayyu Dantata arrive at his polo club in his $2 million chopper.

There have been many instances where the wealthy in Nigeria ‘oppress’ their poor neighbours with their wealth, although not always intentionally. It is during such times that the exclamation, “Ey, God when?” begins to float on social media. Well, Dantata has once again opened that dam of mild complaints and severe envy, provoking men and women everywhere to raise their hands and ask the heavens why things are so unfair.

It was an ordinary day in Lagos. And other than the New Club House opening, there was nothing particularly noteworthy happening. And then Dantata, CEO of MRS Holdings and younger brother of Aliko Dangote, decided to arrive at the club flying his own helicopter. Some people had to labour in the traffic to get there, while others probably had a convoy of security agents going before and after them. But nobody beat Dantata with his majestic entrance.

Indeed, there were lots of “Ey God” as Dantata landed at the club. That arrival proved once and for all that he is not only an excellent polo player but one of the more affluent sponsors of the New Club House.

So, yes, is there any competition? Maybe a few. However, considering how easy Dantata makes it all look, there has to be something he has that the other billionaires in Nigeria do not.

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