British Open: Talandracas and Dubai earned second wins

Action for the British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup resumed on Sunday June 26, at Cowdray Park Polo Club, with Talandracas and Dubai earned their second wins within the tournament, after defeating Murus Sanctus and Scone, respectively. The British Open sees fourteen teams up to 23 goals, compete for the coveted gold trophy.

The day opened with the clash of the French teams. Murus Sanctus – with Corinne Ricard and Marcos Araya back on the saddle – claimed the first half over Talandracas, until the latter managed to tie in the fourth chukka, a score that would remain in the fifth period. At the end of the day, it was Edouard Carmignac’s team who claimed the 10-9 win, after a very hard fought sixth chukka.

Up next, Dubai met up Scone, in a contest that saw cousins Camilo Castagnola and Poroto Cambiaso facing each other after playing toghether the final of the Apsley Cup, just 24 hours later. With regards to the Gold Cup match, Dubai and Scone played a very balanced contest, with both teams exchanging the leadership and many ties as well. By the start of the sixth chukka, the scoreboard read a 9-all; and after a very tough last chukka, Dubai, led by a powerful Camilo Castagnola, who produced nine goals, outscored Scone 2-1 which eventually led them to the 12-10 victory.



Talandracas: Edouard Carmignac 0, Alejandro Muzzio 7 (1 goal), Isidro Strada 6 (2), Pablo Pieres 9 (7). Total: 22.

Murus Sanctus: Corinne Ricard 0, Marcos Araya 6 (1 goal) , Facundo Sola 8 (7), Alfredo Cappella 8 (1). Total: 22.

Score Talandracas: 1-2, 3-5, 6-6, 8-8, 9-9, 10-9.

Umpires: Julian Appleby & Ben Turner.

Third man: Jason Dixon.


Dubai: Rashid Albwardy 1, Matt Perry 5, Camilo Castagnola 9 (9 goals), Jerónimo del Carril 7 (3). Total: 22.

Scone: David Paradice 0, Rosendo Torreguitar 4 (3 goals), Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (4), Poroto Cambiaso 8 (3). Total: 22.

Score Dubai: 1-2, 3-3, 6-4, 8-7, 9-9, 12-10.

Umpires: Howard Smith & Tim Bown.

Third man: Peter Wright.

The British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup will continue on Monday June 27, with the following order of play: 

12pm: Thai Polo vs. Marqués de Riscal

3pm: Park Place vs. Twelve Oaks

The final of the British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup is set to be played on Sunday, July 17. 

British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup – Fixture & Teams

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