Castagnola Raised to 10 in USA

USPA Annual Outdoor Handicap Changes
The United States Polo Association (USPA) has announced their Annual Outdoor Handicap Changes for the 2022/2023 season, some take effect immediately, others from December 2022 and some from May 2023. The full list of changes can be viewed here, some of the raises include:9 to 10: Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola (from 1 May 2023)6 to 7: Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario (from 1 December 2022)5 to 6: Roberto Bilbao, Cruz Heguy & Juan Martin Obregon (from 1 December 2022) & Alan Martinez (from 1 May 2023)4 to 5: Juan De Alba Martinez & Kristos Magrini (from 1 May 2023) & Segundo Saravi (from 1 December 2022)

 Photograph: Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola will play off 10 goals from 1 May 2023 in America.

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