Coronel Suarez Polo Club (ARG) rounds out the POLO RIDER CUP and replace the Moscow Polo Club (_) due to the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine.  

Normally, according to the POLO RIDER CUP rules, a maximum of 2 clubs/teams per country are allowed, but given the special situation we are living and as an exception, a third club from Argentina has been authorized by the Federation of International Polo (FIP), the French Polo Federation (FFP), and GAME POLO to participate in the POLO RIDER CUP. Coronel Suárez Polo Club will comprise the following players: 1. Gleb Fetisov (0) –
2. Misha Rodzianko (+2) USA
3. Ignacio Badiola (+5) ARG4. Edouard Pan (+5) FRA 

Ignacio Badiola, Captain of Coronel Suarez Polo Club, comments: ‘’It is a great honor to represent Coronel Suárez Polo Club in the second edition of the POLO RIDER CUP. Personally, it will be my first time playing this great tournament and I am very happy to do it together with Misha Rodzianko, Gleb Fetisov and Edouard Pan who already played the Cup last year. For sure, we will have a great time.”

Benoît Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME POLO, comments: ‘’Coronel Suárez Polo Club represents the excellence, the values of sharing the champions’ spirit, the polo family and friendship. Many families are based in this fantastic club in Argentina. Several top players have come from this club, the Harriots, the Alberdi and Arayas, among the most famous players. The youngest generation often reaches the finals of Copa Potrillos. Coronel Suárez Polo Club has won the Argentine Open 25 times, it is the club that holds the record for victories in Palermo. It is a huge honor for the POLO RIDER CUP organization to have Coronel Suárez Polo Club participating in this edition.’’

For more information, please contact GAME POLO at:

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