Engels & Völkers French Open

The Engels & Völkers French Open takes on a new dimension every year. The reputation of the leading tournament of the French international season is growing exponentially, so much so that this year the Chantilly Polo Club has registered a total of sixteen highly competitive teams. Some games will even have to be played in the clubs situated south of Paris, on the grounds of Sainte-Mesme, Kazak and La Magdeleine. The French Open is becoming an international polo phenomenon!

Sixteen teams. That means a total of 64 players and among them 11 exceptional champions who took part in the mythical Argentine Open last December. It is the ultimate international tournament, accessible only to the ten world best professional teams (30-40 goals); the Wimbledon of polo! In short, the 2022 French Open will host more than a quarter of the 2021 Argentine Open players. This is a first for French polo! (Find out more about these phenomenal players below).

Women’s French Open and more.

During these three intense weeks, around a thousand horses will be staying at the Chantilly Polo Club which requires an immense logistical effort including the construction of temporary stables. Because the Engels & Völkers French Open will not be the only tournament to be played during this period: the Trophée Castel will bring together 12 teams of 6-8 goal level with potentially very competitive games, while the Trophée du Capitaine des Jeux (8 teams, 0-4 goals) allows most of the club’s members to have a competition of their own with a professional player to lead the team.

From 13 September onwards, the women will enter the field for their French Open with a total of six teams. There will be some big names such as British Hazel Jackson, handicap 10, and two-times winner of the Women’s Argentine Open. Another favorite is local team Coliflow with the three French Venot sisters who will be particularly motivated to win this prestigious title for a third consecutive year before flying out to participate in their first Argentine Open together.


Last year, the French team from La Magdeleine triumphed in Chantilly with one of the Argentine Open’s top players, Tito Ruiz Guiñazu, who played alongside the winner of the Copa Camara 2021 (the stepping stone to the Argentine Open, a tournament of 25-30 goals), Facundo Llorente, who rode the supersonic horses of Pablo McDonough that played a big part in their victory.

To defend their title, they will be joined in Chantilly by other players from last year’s Argentine Open: Diego Cavanagh, a member of La Dolfina’s 2021 team alongside Adolfo Cambiaso, will be in Chantilly with Brittany Polo; his substitute at La Dolfina playing the final of the Abierto, Alejandro Muzzio, will be joining Clinova; Bautista Bayugar, 26, considered in Argentina as one of the upcoming stars (Alegria Fish Creek in the 2021 Abierto), will be in Chantilly for Los Dragones; Juan Gris Zavaleta who played in Palermo for Chapaleufù will defend the French colors of Tedelou with his cousins Ramiro and Simon, a friendly family team put together by Isabelle Larenaudie; Guillermo Terrera, member of La Dolfina II, will reinforce the French team Rexaline, winner of the Trophée Bourbon last May; Jero Del Carril who shines in Argentina with La Ensenada, remains loyal to Kazak, finalist of the 2021 French Open. Finally, Rufino Bensadon (Chapaleufù) and Juan-Martin Zubia (La Ensenada), will help Édouard and Hugues Carmignac win again in Chantilly under the famous grey and pink colors of Talandracas. In short, eleven players who shone in Palermo last December will be in Chantilly this month: a quarter of the Argentine Open force in the French Open!

All these great players, but also the best French ones like their leader Pierre Henri Ngoumou (Mungo) or Robert Strom, patron of Sainte-Mesme, promise one of the most exciting editions of the Engels & Völkers French Open which is the third most important tournament in Europe and the most competitive one played in September.

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