Evviva Polo St Moritz and Ellerstina Polo Club will meet at the POLO RIDER CUP FINAL

Evviva Polo St Moritz and Ellerstina Polo Club will meet at the 2022 POLO RIDER CUP Final on Saturday 18th June.

In the first semifinal of the day, Evviva Polo St Moritz beat Polo Club de Chantilly 10-8 goals, and the Swiss team secured a place in the final.

Martin Aguerre H scored the first two goals for Evviva Polo St Moritz, but Julien Reynes narrowed the gap after the first bell of the chukker.

Edwin Robineau, who replaced Jean-Claude Le Grand, equalled the match at the start of the second chukker, but two goals from Ignacio Kennedy gave two goals led to Evviva Polo St. Moritz at the end of the second chukker.

The third chukker also ended with 2 goal lead for Evviva Polo St. Moritz, but a great comeback from Polo Club de Chantilly in the fourth chukker put emotion into the game as Louis Jarrige scored two goals and tied the result, 6-6.

Another goal from Louis Jarrige placed Polo Club de Chantilly in front of the match for the first time in the fifth chukker, but Martin Aguerre H tied the result 7-7. Two more goals from Evviva Polo St. Moritz increased the result of the fifth chukker.

At the end of the last chukker, the result 10-8 gave the win to Evviva Polo St Moritz.

After the match, the winner of the best playing pony, sponsored by FormaHoof,  was for ‘Toscana’ from Ignacio Kennedy and it was presented by Alex Taylor (CEO FIP).

The second spot for the final is for Ellerstina Polo Club after defeating Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley by 11 – 6 goals with an outstanding performance of Salvador Jauretche, who scored nine goals.

Jauretche opened the match, achieving two consecutive goals but Tito Ruiz Guinazu from the field narrowed the gap. Just before the second bell, Jauretche scored the 3-1 of the first chukker.

Tito Ruiz Guinazu was suspend for 2 minutes and Ellerstina took that advantage, scoring two more goals from Juan Pedro Chavanne and another from Jauretche.  Just before the last bell, Guillermo Li closed the gap by 6-2 goals.

In the following chukkers, Jauretche scored five more goals for Ellerstina Polo Club, and in the sixth chukker, Tito Ruiz Guinazu was replaced by Martin Aguerre H due to a red card. The final result was 11-6 goals, and the Argentinean team will be the second team in the final.



Score progression: 2-1  / 4-2 / 6-4  / 6 -6 / 9-7 / 10-8
Evviva Polo St Moritz: Lucie Venot (0 goals), Ignacio Kennedy 4 (5 goals), Martin Aguerre H 6 (7 goals), Robert Kofler (0 goal). Total HC: 12
Polo Club de Chantilly:  Edwin Robineau 1 (1 goal), Dorian Bulteau 1 (3 goals), Louis Jarrige 5 (4 goals), Julien Reynes 1 (4 goals). Total HC: 12
Umpires: R.Silva – G.Villanueva // G.Lucero


Score progression: 1-3 / 2-6 / 2-8 / 2-9 / 4-11 / 6-11 
Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley: Ambre Ploix (0 goals), Guillermo Li 2 (4 goals), Tito Ruiz Guinazu 2 (7 goals) Derek Smith (1 goal), Martin Aguerre H 2 (7 goals). Total HC: 12
Ellerstina Polo Club: Sam Sztarkman  (2 goals), Salvador Jauretche 9 (4 goals), Juan Pedro Chavanne 2 (5 goals) Alex Sztarkman (1 goal). Total HC: 12
Umpires: R.Silva – G.Lucero // G.Villanueva

The POLO RIDER CUP FINALS will be on Saturday, June 18:
11:30 am    Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley vs Polo Club de Chantilly
03:00 pm    Evviva Polo St. Moritz vs Ellerstina Polo Club

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