Fame: The Nzomos stir up polo fraternity

Raphael Nzomo and his daughter Hiromi, in the company of Louis Roumeguere and Eva Kamau, led the handicap 1.5 Samurai to glory in the Soldier’s Salute Championships, a move that proved their superiority in the polo industry for the past three years.

 Samurai walloped Team 24;7, 7.5-3 in the final of Soldier’s Salute Championships at Nairobi Polo Club over the weekend.

It was a must win competition for the Nzomos and Samurais after they narrowly missed the Maria Bencivenga Trophy at the same venue the previous weekend. “We were at our best and the horses were equally in good shape as they produced accurate runs and special thanks go to my pony for a job well done,” Raphael said.

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