FIP World Cup Play-Offs Underway

European Zone action at Chantilly
Five teams are competing at Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly in the 2022 European Zone play-offs for the FIP World Polo Championship. The play-offs began on Saturday 30 April with Italy defeating Switzerland 7-5 and Spain beating France 5-3 in the first day of action, with the Spanish side putting up a strong defence against the home side, France. The action continued on Monday 2 May with another win for Italy, this time against France, while Switzerland suffered their second loss of the play-offs with Germany taking an 8-6 win. The play-offs continue tomorrow, Wednesday 4 May with Italy vs Germany and Switzerland vs Spain. 

2022 European Zone Play-Off Teams:

Italy (13): Goffredo Cutinelli Rendina (3), Martin Joaquin (5), Stefano Giansanti (1) & Silvestre Fanelli (4)

France (14): Sam Sztarkman (2), Robert Strom (5), Clément Delfosse (5) & Sébastian Sorbac (2)

Germany (13): Lukas Sdrenka (2), Juan Correa (3), Patrick Maleitzke (5) & Christopher Kirsh (3)

Switzerland (13): Felipe Dana (1), Nicolas Rogerson (2), Tomas Ruiz Guinazu (5) & Marcos Goti (5)

Spain (14): Nicolás Ruiz Guiñazu (4), Luis Domecq (3), Pelayo Berazadi (5) & Nicolás Álvarez (2)

 Photograph: Italy have enjoyed two wins so far in the play-offs.

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