The Equine Welfare Committee has approved a new program in which the Committee will reimburse 50% of the cost of a Kimzey Leg Saver Splint for the first 20 USPA Member Clubs to place an order.

Kimzey Leg Saver Splints provide support along the front of the leg allowing immediate relief of pressure on the damaged area and quick stabilization. Comprised of aluminum with a neo-foam lining, the splints are quick and easy to apply, durable, and well tolerated by the patient. Three nylon and velcro straps secure the splint to the injured leg while a fourth strap at the base of the splint holds the hoof firmly in place.

Kimzey Leg Saver Splints are not only an aid in emergencies but may also be used as additional support after a fiberglass cast has been applied or left on a horse with broken sesamoid bones until they are completely healed. The Kimzey Leg Saver Splint fills the need for satisfactory stabilization of severe injuries including fractures of the sesamoids, fractures of the long and short pastern bones, fractures of the cannon bone, and failure of the suspensory ligament system.

The splints can be used on a front or hind leg if the leg needs to be in a “tip-toe” position. A special splint for a hind leg is available if the leg needs to be in a more natural position.SPLINT INFORMATION

Splints range in cost based on type starting at $398.34. All orders must be placed by calling Kimzey directly at 530.662.9331. Once an order has been placed contact Membership & Handicap Director Lindsay Dolan at for reimbursement information.

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