First edition of Santa Cruz Polo ready for action in Uruguay

This year has got off to a busy start, with several tournaments being played around the world, even during the summer in South America. One of them being the first edition of Santa Cruz Polo, that will take place at Santa Cruz Polo Club and Estancia Vik, in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. Five teams, up to 12-goals, are set to compete. Action kicks off on Friday, January 21, with two matches. Finals have been set for Saturday, January 29.

Santa Cruz Polo Club was founded in the summer of 2020, offering an attractive proposal for polo in Uruguay. The club is located just 15 minutes away from José Ignacio, and the facilities and staff aim to provide a unique experience for guests. In addition, Santa Cruz Polo Club provides first class service for clients around the world, who are invited to enjoy the sport in splendid natural surroundings.

The facilities at Santa Cruz Polo Club include an international sized polo field, a practice field,  four guest houses, a tennis court, world class stables, training field, and a horse track. The unique view of the Jose Ignacio Lagoon makes the location an unmissable destination in South America.


 SANTA CRUZ: Michael Klein 0, Ignacio Viana 4, Matías Carrique 4, Manu Mazzocchi 4. Total: 12.
• EL MILAGRO: Federico Tomasevich 2, Nicolás Tomasevich 0, Tomás Solari 3, Santiago Solari 6. Total: 11.
• LA FIJA: Arthur Madrid 0, Federico Lindner 1, Santiago Stirling 5, Joaquin Maiquez 6. Total: 12.
• BETPROPOLO: Carlos Lafluf 2, Juan José Falero 1, Francisco Belaustegui 4, Felipe Paradella 4. Total: 11.
• LAS SIERRAS EDILICA GROUP: Ignacio Goncalvez 3, Mauricio Arocena 4, Francisco Pit 1, Federico Arocena 2. Total: 10.


January, Friday 21:
4pm: La Fija vs Betpropolo
6pm: Santa Cruz vs El Milagro

January, Sunday 23:
6pm: La Fija vs Las Sierras Edilica Group

January, Tuesday 25:
4pm: El Milagro vs Las Sierras Edilica Group
6pm: Santa Cruz vs Betpropolo

January, Thursday 27:
4pm & 6pm: Semifinales

January, Saturday 29:
3:30pm: Vik Cup Final.

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