Get your fancy hat ready for Fiesta Kings Cup Polo Party

Bust out your fanciest hat for the Fiesta Kings Cup Polo Party — an official event for Fiesta San Antonio.

The polo party will take place from noon to 4 p.m. on April 2 at 490 W. Specht Road, the location of San Antonio Polo Club’s new facility.

General admission tickets will be $20 and proceeds from the event go towards equine education for adults and children in San Antonio, including the preservation of polo in the city.

The Kings Cup will be officiated by KSAT’s David Sears and David Elder, along with Ursula Pari who will be participating in the match.

Fiesta King's Cup 2021

Polo is San Antonio’s oldest professional sport and has been played in the area since the 1880s.

The Polo Hall of Fame Museum features dozens of San Antonio players who gained worldwide acclaim as the best in the sport, including Cecil Smith, Bill Barry, Mike Azzaro, Memo Gracida, Carlos Gracida, Benny Gutierrez and Bert Beveridge, according to the San Antonio Polo Club.

Polo is played on horseback with four players on two opposing teams. There are typically four, seven-minute chukkers, or periods, and an umpire who calls fouls to help prevent injuries to the horses and their riders.

Points are scored by players who drive a ball into the opposing team’s goal using a mallet. Goals are set up at opposite ends of the polo field.

There will be food trucks and a fancy hat contest at the event.

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