II FIP Arena Polo European Championship

The II FIP Arena Polo European Championship will be played in Baku, Azerbaijan between four teams; each team features three players per match but many of the teams have brought with them a larger squad for the tournament. The event begins on Tuesday 13 September with the player presentation and horse trials by each team, followed by the first matches on Wednesday 14 September with Azerbaijan vs Austria and Spain vs Switzerland. The players and ponies will enjoy a rest day on Thursday 15 September, after which the action resumes with Switzerland vs Austria and Azerbaijan vs Spain on Friday 16 September, Spain vs Austria and Azerbaijan vs Switzerland on Saturday 17 September and the Finals on Sunday 18 September. Polo Times will be bringing you all the latest updates direct from Baku, so follow us on social media (@polotimes) or visit www.polotimes.co.uk for all the action. 

The II FIP Arena Polo European Championship Teams:

Team Azerbaijan: Elcin Jamalli (3), Ali Rzayev (2), Fabian Bolanteiro (5), Agustin Kronhaus (5), Tarlan Gurbanaliyev (1) & Andres Fernandez Llorente (4)

Team Switzerland: Tito Gaudenzi (3), Fabio Meier (2), Tomas Ruiz Guinazu (6), Stefan Roth (1) & Katja Grauwiler (0)

Team Austria: Walter Scherb (2), Diego Braun (4), Martin Bleier (4) & Jakob von Plessen (1)

Team Spain: Jamie Visser (1), Mario Gomez (4) & Nicolas Ruiz Guinazu (5) 

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