Kamani ready for next week’s season opener

Low handicap polo players have intensified their training ahead of next weekend’s tournament at Northern Kenya Polo Club.

Bobby Kamani, Kelvin Jumba and Josephine Gauld are some of the players who have been training for the last few weeks in readiness for the season opener.

Though his six-month training schedule has been affected by heavy rains, handicap-2 Kamani said his desire would have been to spend more time on the saddle and polo fields.

But having trained with some experienced players, Kimani feels he is ready for the new season. 

“Playing chukkas with experienced players at Nairobi Polo Club assisted me in improving my game and I can only hope, it will prepare me as much as possible for the tournament in Timau. Playing with fellow beginners is also an incredible source of learning,” Kamani told Standard Sports.

Kamani, who has been inspired by his mother, uses his own horses.

After starting off with a horse, Kamani’s love for the sport grew periodically till he attained four horses, the number required in the game of polo. 

“Whilst I have been riding horses since my childhood, I pursued my passion in polo much later in life. I wished I had taken the sport earlier. Anyway better late than never,” he said. 

Kenya Polo Association president Gordon Millar confirmed riders and their ponies will be heading to Timau Sports Club for two different tournaments in the next two weekends. 

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