La Hache qualified to the 2023 Argentine Triple Crown

La Hache, the Ulloa family’s team, and who ended the 129th. Argentine Polo Open placed in eigthth place within the ranking, claimed a narrow 14-13 win over Nuestra Tierra, the winners of the Cámara de Diputados Cup, and qualified to the 2023 Argentine Triple Crown. The playoff match was played at the AAP Headquarters, in Pilar, on Monday December 5.

La Hache, who had Tomás Beresford subbing in for Joaquin Pittaluga, who has his right hand broken, is now joining the seven teams who are able to take part in the most coveted polo trophy next year: La Dolfina Saudi, La Natividad, La Irenita Grand Champions, Ellerstina Turismo Felgueres, La Ensenada RS Murus Sanctus, Cría La Dolfina y La Irenita Clinova



La Hache Perpool: Juan Ruiz Guiñazú 8 (2 goals), Carlos María Ulloa 6 (3), Santiago Cernadas 7 (7, 4 penalties), Tomas Beresford 7 (2, 2 penalty)*. Total: 28.

*Subbed in for the injures Joaquín Pittaluga.

Nuestra Tierra: Alejandro Muzzio 8 (2 goals), Benjamín Panelo 6 (9, 2 penalties), Santiago Laborde 6 (1), Jared Zenni 6 (1). Total: 26.

Score La Hache: 2-2, 5-4, 6-6, 8-7, 12-9, 13-10, 14-13. 

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Gonzalo López Vargas.                Third man: José Ignacio Araya.


La Hache vs. Nuestra Tierra

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