Ladies World Cup: First edition ready for action

Photo credit: Matias Callejo / Source: AAP

The I Ladies World Cup is ready for action! The tournament, which marks a milestone in the history of the sport, will take place from April 9-16 at Palermo.

This first edition will see six national teams compete for the title: Argentina, Brazil, United States, England, Ireland and Italy. Teams will be split into two groups. Each group will play a round robin format until April 13; the semifinals will follow on April 14 where the top team of each group will face off. The big final is scheduled for Saturday, April 16.


  • Argentina: Agustina Imaz 4, Azucena Uranga 5, Catalina Lavinia, Paulina Vasquetto 1. Total: 16.
  • England: Frances Townend 1, Amelia Hughes 3, Heloise Wilson-Smith, Emma Tomlinson 6. Total: 16.
  • Ireland: Caroline Keeling 1, Siobhan Herbst 4, April Kent 4, Inés Lalor 7. Total: 16.


  • Brazil: Eduarda Vilela Rosa Engler 3, Ana Claudia Marinho 3, Alice Hopp Meireles 3, Lucia Junqueira Du Plessis 3. Total: 12.
  • United States: Audry Persano 5, Erica Gandomcar 5, Lilian Lequerica 3, Jenna Davis 3. Total: 16.
  • Italy: Ginevra Visconti 1, Alice Coria 3, Maria VittoriaMarchiorello 3, Camila Rossi 5. Total: 12.

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