Ladies World Cup Underway

Six countries competing in inaugural competition
The I Ladies World Cup began over the weekend, with four matches played so far. Six teams are competing in the tournament which runs from 9 to 16 April, with the teams split into two groups and each group playing a round robin format until 13 April, followed by the Semi Finals on 14 April and the Final on Saturday 16 April.The first day of the competition saw Argentina defeat Ireland 7-3 and Italy secure a narrow 4-3 win against Brazil, followed by a 7-3½ victory for USA against Brazil and England defeated Ireland on Sunday 10 April. The action continues tomorrow, Tuesday 12 April, with Argentina vs England and USA vs Italy. The weekend’s results mean that Argentina, England, USA and Italy have qualified for the Semi Finals.

 I Ladies World Cup Teams:

Argentina (16): Agustina Imaz (4), Azucena Uranga (5), Catalina Lavinia (6) & Paulina Vasquetto (1)

 England (16): Frances Townend (1), Amelia Hughes (3), Heloise Wilson-Smith (6) & Emma Wood (6) 

Ireland (16): Caroline Keeling (1), Siobhan Herbst (4), April Kent (4) & Inés Lalor (7) 

USA (16): Lilian Lequerica (3), Audry Persano (5), Jenna Davis (3) & Erica Gandomcar (5)

 Italy (15): Ginevra Visconti (1), Maria Vittoria Marchiorello (3), Maitena Marré (6) & Camila Rossi (5) 

Brazil (12): Ana Cardoso (3), Eduarda Vilela Rosa Engler (3), Camila Jordao (3) & Sofia Junqueira (3)  

Photograph: England defeated Ireland yesterday. By Sergio Llamera / Prensa AAP

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