Manipur, UK to clash in Polo International final

USA conceded their match against India A in the beginning of the 3rd Chuk-kar while India B (Manipur) overcame spirited challenge from UK to emerge victorious 8-7 on the sixth day of the 14 Manipur Polo International organised by the Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association at Mapal Kangjeibung on November 27 .

The USA team gave a walk over after heated arguments between the teams over a foul given against the India A team, thereby making India A winner by default.

The 2nd match between Manipur and UK, as expected turned out to be one of the most exciting matches of this tournament.

The match was a very hard fought one, played at a very fast pace, each team not yielding an inch to the other.

Pradeep opened the score for Manipur from a 40 yards spot kick in the 1.05th minute of the first chukker while L Rohit added another one in the dying seconds of the chukker.

For the UK side, Phil Seller scored twice (5.14th minute and 5.57th minute) while Henry Tucker added anot her one for UK to lead 3-2 at the end of this chukker.

In the 2nd chukker, the two teams added one goal apiece, George Amore scoring for the UK with beautiful stick work in the 1.17th minute and L Rohit scoring for Manipur in 6.55th minute.

UK led 4-3 at end of the chukker.

In the 3rd chukker, both the teams added two more goals to end the chukker at 6-5 in favour of the UK.

Phil Seller, who had a wonderful match, scored both the goals for the UK team while L Atangba and P Ojit scored for Manipur.

The 4th chukker was where Manipur scrapped past the UK team.

The home team pumped in 3 goals, L Atangba scoring twice and captain T Pradeepkumar one while the UK team could add only one goal through Henry Amor.

Manipur finally emerged victorious 8-7 at the end of the match.

As per the points table, Manipur and UK being first and second will clash once again in the final of the 14th Manipur Polo International 2022 on Tuesday, November 29.In the 1st match, USA conceded the match in the beginning of the 3rd chukker.

India A were therefore awarded the match.

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