Miguel Wilson’s Annual ATL Fashion & Polo Classic Review

Atlanta, Georgia – Miguel Wilson’s annual ATL Fashion & Polo Classic 2022 review is, in a word, golden. It was Black Wall Street 2.0. spirit A one-of-a-kind fashion experience that recreates what the Greenwood District looked like over 100 years ago. 

At the premium equestrian and fashion event outside Atlanta, black participants rode Benzes, Porsches, Land Rovers, Maserati and Bentleys. Some guests arrived by helicopter. That’s right, a real helicopter. Those arriving by air were driven from the helicopter landing site to the Bentley clubhouse. It was fancy. ATL Fashion and Polo Classic

Photo by Phil Jackson | 2022 ATL Fashion & Polo Classic

Shortly after arriving, I became a black spectator riding for sport at a polo match. 

of ATL Fashion & Polo Classic Considering our ancestors descended from sweaty eyebrows and overworked bodies, very well created, followed by liberation, then black codes, Jim Crow imposition, only to be followed by red summer was.

Yet, on that particular Sunday afternoon, Black people came to live and breathe their ancestors, and their wildest dreams came true. – Realized by the Wilson Collection and never postponed.Miguel Wilson's 6th Annual ATL Fashion & Polo Classic Review

Photo by Paul Biaghi for the Miguel Wilson Collection

and Horse MansionBlack vendors of all kinds, jewelers, clothing designers, brewers, fragrance makers, cigar shop owners, all black lined the exterior walls of the venue. 

A fashion show followed, featuring emerging designers and Atlanta fashion royalty Lisa Nicole and Miguel Wilson as premium designers, among a sea of ​​hundreds of pale faces.

And if you’re wondering if the helicopter company was black-owned. As if Simone Berry, a black American airline owner living in the Greenwood neighborhood in the early 20th century, was reincarnated into a black-owned helicopter company with black clients. 

The whole event was Wakanda, but without futurism. Ironically, Black Panther’s fight scenes were filmed on the very hill where his ATL Fashion & Polo Classic was held this year. 

But who is behind Atlanta’s Premium Black Excellent event?Miguel Wilson's 6th Annual ATL Fashion & Polo Classic Review

Miguel Wilson | Photo by Walil Archer on Friday 7 October 2022

Miguel Wilson – the man behind the ATL fashion and polo classics

Originally from Chocolate City, USA, Miguel Wilson was born and raised in Northwest Washington, DC, but until he was in high school, his parents moved his family to Maryland in search of a “better life.” But before he moved to the suburbs, Wilson remembered going camping as a kid, which inspired him to start playing classical sometime.

“The camps I went to had horses. That was my first exposure to them, and I fell in love with them right away,” explained Wilson. “I was about eight or nine years old at the time. When I got home, all I could do was talk about horses.”Miguel Wilson's 6th Annual ATL Fashion & Polo Classic Review

Photo by Paul Biagi | Sunday 9 October 2022 Horse Mansion Polo Stadium

For young Miguel Wilson, the visit to the camp was not a one-off. Because his grandparents had seen how fascinated he was with majestic animals. His grandmother paid for him to take riding lessons. 

“On weekends, my great-grandfather picked me up and took me to Maryland to take riding lessons. I will work at ,” he said.

When he wasn’t at the stables or in Washington, DC, Wilson said his obsession made him go to school and the local library, where he spent countless hours reading books about horses. 

“I wasn’t interested in other things.

Knowing that access and exposure is what made Miguel Wilson the success he is today, he’s paying it forward with Ride to the Olympics. charitable foundation ATL Fashion & Polo Classic serves as a charitable fundraiser for the Foundation.The ride to the Olympics also helped morehouse polo team Get certified.

Wilson said he never imagined his life would be what it is today.ATL Fashion and Polo Classic

Photo by Paul Biagui at ATL Fashion & Polo Classic on Sunday October 9, 2022

“I didn’t know what God had in store for me, but now I always try to give back and help. Being able to help a new fashion designer, it’s one of those moments where you’re on the runway stage with this crowd, and it’s just amazing.

From the streets of northwestern Washington DC to the stables of Maryland, trying out non-traditional sports has made Miguel Wilson an accomplished celebrity fashion designer and charity who wants to see every boat rise. became home. 

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