Minuto Siete Cup kicks off with six teams in competition

The Minuto Siete Cup, at Roma Polo Club, kicked off last Friday in Rome with six 12-goal teams are in participation. The Club, located in the heart of the italian capital, has a rich history alongside the equestrian sports. The tournament is organizaed together Minuto Siete and Roma Polo Club and the big final is scheduled for Sunday September 11.

Three matchdays took place so far, with Eleven Eleven as sole unbeaten team with two victories. Two qualification days still remain and the scene is really even for the six teams on the road to the semis due on Friday.

Manu Cereceda, CEO & Founder Minuto Siete, shared: “Minuto Siete was really expecting to organize a tournament in Italy again, even more in a Club with such a rich history as the Roma Polo Club, plus, with a perfect location. We are very excited with this new partnership with the Club and hopefully this is the first of many actions to come”.

The Final of the Minuto Siete Cup will STREAM LIVE on PoloLine.Tv.

Minuto Siete Cup – Latest results:

Korea Polo 9-10 Battistoni

Chateaux Nine Peaks 8.5-10 Eleven Eleven

La Bien Mirada 5.5-7 Acquedotto Romano PC

La Bien Mirada 6.5-7 Eleven Eleven

Korea Polo 6-4 Acquedotto Romano PC

La Bien Mirada 8.5-7 Battistoni

Minuto Siete Cup – Teams:

ACQUEDOTTO ROMANO: Henry Elser 0, Goffredo Cuttinelli 3, Guy Gibrat 4, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 12.

BATTISTONI: Alessandro Barnaba 0, Pierre Jauretche 4, Juan Jauretche 6, Giordano Magini 2. Total: 12.

CHATEAU NINE PEAKS: Sasha Hauptmann 2, Patricio Rattagan 4, Gonzalo García del Río 5, Alexandre Aggravi 0. Total: 12.

ELEVEN ELEVEN: Andreas Bihrer 0, Bartolomé Bayugar 3, Juan González 4, Lucas Labat 5. Total: 12.

KOREA POLO CLUB: David Ko 0, Segundo Condesse 3, Miguel Angel Díaz 4, Santiago Irastorza 5. Total: 12.

LA BIEN MIRADA: Fabio Meier 1, Fabián Bolanterio 4, Bautista Beguerie 5, Luca Meier 1. Total: 12.

The Minuto Siete Cup will resume on Tuesday with a single game:

17:00hs.: Chateau Nine Peaks vs Battistoni

MINUTO SIETE CUP: Fixture & Teams

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