ONA POLO Official Polo Equipment Partner of the POLO RIDER CUP

ONA POLO Official Polo Equipment Partner of the POLO RIDER CUP

GAME POLO is proud to announce ONA POLO as the Official Polo Equipment Partner of the POLO RIDER CUP, which will be held from 8 to 18 June 2022 at the Polo Club of Chantilly, north of Paris (France). 

For more than 20 years, ONA POLO has been the choice of polo professionals competing at the highest level in the sport. Embraced by passionate pros and amateurs alike, ONA POLO has become the benchmark of excellence in polo equipment and GAME POLO is delighted to partner with this brand. 

During the competition, ONA POLO will present to the patrons of each team a set of ONA OPTICS VC21 eyewear, which provides uncompromising eye protection and the clearest, sharpest and most accurate vision required on the field. ONA POLO will also participate in the prize presentation of the POLO RIDER CUP FINAL and SUBSIDIARY FINAL by gifting winners the latest releases of ONA POLO equipment. 

Alejandra Falkinhoff, Director of ONA POLO, comments: “We are thrilled to join the POLO RIDER CUP for this 2022 edition, accompanying a remarkable group of high standing partners. Endorsed by the greatest athletes in the sport, our focus is to improve the performance of the game. We are driven by the challenge of producing equipment that meets the demands and expectations of our professional and amateur players. We are very excited to form part of the POLO RIDER CUP, which aligns with our values of excellence.’’

Olivier Godallier, President & Co-Founder of GAME POLO, comments: “We are very pleased to partner with ONA POLO, a premium polo equipment maker that offers excellent quality products to the professionals of this sport, always with the latest technologies, comfort and high standards in terms of safety.’’ 

For more information, please contact GAME POLO at: neus@game-polo.com

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