Pakistan thump India 7-3 to qualify for World Cup Polo Championship

Pakistan Polo Team outpaced India by 7-3 in the second playoff to qualify for the XII FIP World Cup Polo Championship to be played in USA from 26th October to 6th November, 2022. 

Hamza Mawaz Khan was hero of the day for Pakistan as he played outstanding polo and guided his team to tremendous triumph by contributing splendid six goals while another talented youngster Raja Mikayel Sami converted one goal. Other Pakistan team members were Raja Sami Ullah and Raja Temur Nadeem while Brig (r) Badar Zaman was team manager. 

Although India started the match with a beautiful goal to gain 1-0 lead yet Pakistan polo team made their presence felt by smashing in four fantabulous goals to earn a huge 4-1 lead. No goal was scored in the second chukker while in the third chukker, Indian players once again did well with their mallet and horses and converted two back-to-back goals to reduce the margin to 3-4. Pakistan players also bounced back well and slammed in two goals one after another to enhance their lead to 6-3. 

In the fourth and last chukker, Pakistani players maintained their supremacy and not only held the Indian players from scoring more goals but also added one more goal in their tally to win the match by 7-3 and also qualify for the XII FIP World Cup Polo Championship.

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