Pilar Cup: La Dolfina 3, La Mancha, La Irenita and La Fija victorious on second match date

La Dolfina 3, La Mancha, La Irenita and La Fija were the winners of the second matchdate of the Pilar Cup , one of the most significant contests of the spring season in Argentina. The tournament sees 18 teams between 24 and 30 goals, in participation, and as happened last Monday, the games played on Thursday took place in four different clubs, something that will be a constant throughout the whole competition. However, it is worth noting that several matches will take place at the AAP Headquarters, in Pilar. While the semifinals are set to be played on October 28,the final date is yet TBC.

The results of the matches played on Thursday have been the following: 

La Dolfina 3 12-7 Don Ercole (La Dolfina)

La Mancha 11-7 Betania Argentina Polo Gin (La Mancha)

La Irenita 10-9 Centauros Yellow Rose (La Irenita)

La Fija 10-8 La Aguada (La Fija)

The Pilar Cup will resume on Friday October 14: 

10am: Pilará Dr2U vs. Martindale La Solución (Martindale)

10am: Chapa Uno vs. Los Machitos (Los Machitos)

12,30pm: Pilará BP vs. La Mariana La Brava (Pilará)

2pm: La Madrugada Speed vs. Tortugas (Tortugas)

Pilar Cup – Fixture & Teams

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