Polo Cup between Abu Dhabi and Al Habtoor

Today, the curtain comes down on the Dubai Polo Cup, with the final match between Abu Dhabi and Al Habtoor at the Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Resort Stadium, and it is the second time that the two teams meet after facing the preliminary round.

The Al Habtoor team is represented by Mohammed Al Habtoor, along with Santos Ariarte, Justo Quinto and Diaz Al-Baridi, while Abu Dhabi is represented by Faris Al Yabhouni, with Nasser Al Shamsi “Raja Abu Al Jibin”, Oscar Columbers and Higo Barabucci.

Al Habtoor’s team had qualified for the final match, after winning two matches, the first over Abu Dhabi in the opening and the second in the semi-final against Al-Basha team, with a score of 7-4, after a strong and exciting match, especially at the end of its fourth run. His team to qualify, and meet Abu Dhabi in a strong final.

The Abu Dhabi team, led by Faris Al Yabhouni, deserved to win and snatch the qualification card from the Hesketh team, after winning it 9-7 in a match in which the performance of the two teams varied. He witnessed a remarkable progress for the Hesketh team and succeeded in advancing, before the Abu Dhabi team equalized in the first attack of the fourth and last game, and succeeded in resolving the confrontation and qualifying for the final match.

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