Polo: Kenyans ready for Brazil

At a winning streak that has seen them conquer South Africa and United States of America in High-Goal-International matches, Kenya is knocking on the doors of Brazil and ready to conquer them this weekend. 

The 18-High-Goal-International match will be hosted at Nairobi Polo Club on Sunday. 

Yesterday, Kenya Polo Association released names of four players in a formidable Brazilian side that is expected to play two-test-matches on Friday and Saturday while testing the Kenyan horses ahead of the epic match. 

They include handicap 6 Leandro Rodriguez, handicap three Sergio Figueiredo, handicap one Markus Schalidach and handicap 0 Tiago Falcao, players who have featured in many global tournaments around the globe and even against their neighbours Argentina, the world’s top polo playing nation. 

KPA Secretary General Silke Hampson confirmed that the South American players arrived in the country last week  for acclimatization and took their time to tour tourist sites. 

“Our players are ready for another exposure against a powerful polo playing nation after we had earlier conquered South Africa and United States of America. We are ready for them,” Hampson told Standard Sports. 

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