POLO LADIES CUP 2022 In PoloPark Berlin

POLO LADIES CUP 2022 in PoloPark Berlin. I want to be as successful as possible!” At barely 21, she is already regarded as one of the sports of polo’s all-time great young stars.

A native of San Luis, Argentina, Milagros Sanchez (handicap 1 and ladies’ handicap 7) will be making her sporting debut in Germany in this year’s Ladies Cup in Berlin.

You’re Making Your Debut In The Ladies Cup. How Did That Happen?

My close buddy Fati Balzano performed in Berlin last year. She was instrumental in my connecting with Thomas, the event coordinator for the Ladies Cup, who has been very encouraging of my participation in the tournament this year.

You Have Experience Competing In International Polo Competitions In Both England And Italy. Do You Have Any Experience With Germany?

No, this is my first trip to Germany, and I can’t wait to soak up all the sights and sounds!

Where Else In Europe Do You Plan To Go Besides Berlin?

When my time here in the nation’s capital is done, I’m off to the mother country. Thereafter, I plan to return to Argentina, where I grew up.

How About The Second Half Of 2022, What Do You Have Planned?

The beginning of the Argentine polo season in September is an event I eagerly anticipate each year. There are a lot of exciting events happening this year, like the Argentine Open. My days are packed to the brim.

You Are One Of The Brightest Young Stars In Women’s Polo Right Now, And At The Age Of 21, You Were The First Woman To Compete In The Argentine Indoor Championship With Handicap, Where You Faced Off Against Men. Was Your Time In Mendoza The Pinnacle Of Your Professional Life Up To That Point?

Definitely! To put it simply, Mendoza made a big difference. There were many other times, however, that was pivotal in shaping who I am and where I go professionally. Many times I’ve been able to compete for my country, and I’ve even had the opportunity to play in the United States. I am the first woman to win a master’s and a three-time Open participant. What I have experienced thus far has been incredible.

Just How Did You First Become Interested In Polo?

From a young age, I had a deep and abiding passion for horses. Several years later, I became engaged in polo, and my family did not exactly take my decision to join the sport lying down. In these times, polo has become a major interest of mine.

In What Ways Would You Desire To Improve Your Athletic Abilities Over The Next Few Years?

I consider myself to be a highly driven individual, and as such, I have set extremely high standards for my polo career.

What, In Your Opinion, Needs To Happen For Women’s Polo To Gain Even More International Attention?

In general, we have made a lot of progress; as women, we have mastered our environment and understand how to exploit it to our advantage. Now it’s crucial that we continue to put on outstanding events around the world. All women in the major sports leagues deserve considerably more recognition for the time and effort they put in.

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