Polo Rider Cup – Day 3

Chantilly, Friday 10th June 2022

Polo Club Niederweiden and Hong Kong Polo are the day winners at the POLO RIDER CUP
The action continues at the 2022 POLO RIDER CUP with the daily matches between Polo Club Niederweiden and Deauville International Polo Club and later with Hong Kong Polo Association against Hamburger Polo Club.

The first match of the day resulted in a victory of Polo Club Niederweiden against Deauville International Polo Club by 5 ½ – 5 goals.

The 2021 POLO RIDER CUP runner-up of last year, Deauville International Polo Club, had a good start scoring four goals at the first two chukkers by Pierre-Henri Ngomou and Juan Jose Storni, and the score was 0 ½ – 4 goals.

In the third chukker, Anton Grabosh scored the first goal for his team, but immediately, Pierre-Henri Ngomou, from a fault, increased the difference again by 4 goals.

Polo Club Niederweiden entered into the game in the fourth chukker, and with two goals from Emil Grabosh and Santi Schweitzer, the Austrian team narrowed the difference by 3 ½ – 5 goals.

A great comeback from Polo Club Niederweiden, with two goals from Emil and Santi in the fifth chukker, gave advantage to the Austrian team for the first time, with 5 ½ to 5 goals.

The final result was 5 ½ – 5 goals in favour of Polo Club Niederweiden as any team scored in the sixth and last chukker.

In the day’s second game, Hong Kong Polo Association secured a win 8–4 over Hamburger Polo Club.

The first two chukkers ended with three goals led from Hong Kong Polo Association, but in the third chukker, Heinrich Dumrath narrowed the gap with two goals, 3-2 goals.

The fourth chukker ended with only one goal difference in favour of Hong Kong Polo, 5-4 goals, but in the last two chukkers, a great shot from the field by Élouan Badarello that was replacing Cyrille Costes in the Hong Kong Polo team, and two more goals from Elena Venot and Pelayo Berazadi gave the victory to Hong Kong.



Score progression: 0 ½ – 2, 0 ½ – 4, 3 ½ – 5, 5 ½ – 5, 5 ½ – 5.

Polo Club Niederweiden: Santi Schweitzer 2 (4 goals), Anton Grabosh 1 (3 goals), Emil Grabosh 2 (1 goal) Paul Grabosh (3 goals). Total HC: 11
Deauville Int. Polo Club: Ulysse Eisenchteter (0 goal), Patrick Eisenchteter (1 goal), Pierre-Henri N’Goumou 3 (6 goals), Juan José Storni 2 (5 goals). Total HC: 12
Umpires: R.Silva – S.Anca // H.Iturraspe



Score progression: 1 – 0, 3 – 0, 3 – 2, 5 – 4, 6 – 4, 8 – 4

Hong Kong Polo Association: Élouan Badarello 3 (0 goal), Elena Venot 1 (1 goal), Pelayo Berazadi 1 (5 goals), Brieuc Rigaux 3 (6 goals). Total HC: 12
Hamburger Polo Club: Caesar Crasemann (4 goals), Heinrich Dumrath 4 (4 goals), Ramiro Zavaleta (4 goals), Daniel Crasemann (0 goals). Total HC: 12
Umpires: G. Lucero – G.Villanueva // H.Iturraspe


Fixture and Teams
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The POLO RIDER CUP continues on Saturday, June 11
10.30 am Polo Park Zürich vs Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley
12.30 pm Coronel Suarez Polo Club vs Ellerstina Polo Club
3.00 pm Polo Club of Chantilly vs Berlin Polo Club
5.00 pm Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago vs Evviva Polo St Moritz

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