Polo Sport is committed to the Ukraine in the PoloPark Berlin from April 29th to May 1st, 2022

The polo season in Germany is starting again and the current corona situation means that beautiful and exciting polo sport can be shown again. The PoloPark Berlin (one of the oldest,most traditional and most central polo facilities on the outskirts of Berlin) in Dallgow Döberitz OT Seeburg opens its doors again. At the season opening tournament from April 29th to May 1st, 2022, six international polo teams with over 100 polo horses from 6 nations (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Persia and Luxemburg) have registered for this official tournament of the German Polo Ass. e.V. There are three polo games every day from 12:00 p.m. All games are expertly moderated by “Jan Zavazal” and with music by DJ Sebastian(BastikSoul)there is a nice program for visitors and guests. Among other things, we have the polo national and squad trainer Thomas Winter and the captain of the polo national team Christopher Kirsch, as well as top Argentinian and German professionals on site.

On 90,000 square meters there are also enough outdoor areas and parking spaces for visitors and guests. It is a fascination to experience this “royal sport” or “sport of kings” live in the capital Berlin. The visit is free. A restaurant is also on site. The participating polo players will also be committed to the Ukraine. Further information and table reservations at: www.baltic-polo-events.de


1. Polo+10, red (+2)
Peter Cromm (-1)
Leopold Cromm (-2)
Raphael Olivera (+3)
Augustin Wagner (+2)

2. Villiger Cigar Lounge / PoloPark Berlin, black (-3)
Raphael Dwinger (-2)
Farzad Zadmajid (-2)
Hector Alvarez, M (+1)
Romy Grüner (0)

3. Stiftung Löwenbrücke, dazzling blue (+1)
Jeanette Diekmann / Bernhard Niederhammer (0)
Thomas  Strunck (0)
Moritz Mahns (+1)
Johan Funk Gallardo (0)

4. Ingo Pyko Immobilien, spring bouquet (+1)
Emily Hase-Loock (-1)
Heidi Silvey (-1)
Tuky Caivano (+3)
Dr. Matthias Jahnke (0)

5. Polo Sylt, maritim blue (+1)
Moritz Schmidt (-1)
Sophie Schmidt (-1)
Christopher Kirsch (+3)
Niko Martin (0)

6. Cosmopolo / InMedias, violet tulip (+2)
Ascan Tümpel (-2)
Max Keksel (+1)
Jesus Bordoni (+2)
Daniel Tümpel (+1)

Svenja Hölty

Jan Zavazal

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