Proceeds from the Sports Day Polo Auction to support breast cancer patients

The annual Ladies’ Polo Day, which was held at the Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Club and Resort’s stadiums, yesterday, Saturday, turned into a wonderful festival in which everyone participated in various accompanying events, in addition to two polo matches for women and men. Breastfeeding is an annual tradition during which all club-goers and polo lovers are invited to donate. 

Mohammed Al Habtoor, President of the Emirates Polo Federation, confirmed that the Al Habtoor Group is keen every year to hold this charitable day out of its societal duty in support of breast cancer patients, wishing them all a speedy recovery, and thanked those who contributed to the success of this festival to achieve the goals for which it was held. 

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The day started with a match for two teams of men who were keen to participate in this day to activate the event, where Mohammed Al Habtoor led his “Junud Al-Wardi” team to victory over the “Warriors” team led by Khaled bin Dari, with a score of five goals against three goals after a good match of four games. The Wardi Soldiers team included Muhammad Al Habtoor, Muhammad bin Dari, Raja Abu Al-Jebeen and Rayan Ajaji, while the Warriors team was represented by Khalid bin Dari, Rashid bin Dari, Khaled Al-Omran and Muhammad Khalid. 

As for the main match, which also spanned four matches, it started with the playing of the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates, and included the Hesketh team and its competitor, Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum and Ankora, who won the match and the cup after playing a good match, scoring five goals against three and a half goals. Alia was the best female player, and the pony Soma won the title and award for the best horse.

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