Record-Setting 20 Teams Draw for the U.S. Open Polo Championship®

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., March 28, 2022 ( – Celebrating an particularly momentous and humanities year, the United States Polo Association (USPA) hosted the U.S. Open Polo Championship® gully enactment connected Wednesday, March 23, astatine the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) successful Wellington, Florida. Held astatine the IPC Pavilion up of the USPA Gold Cup® Semifinals, the last gully of the play featured unrecorded euphony arsenic good arsenic nutrient and drinks for the teams successful attendance. USPA Chairman and GAUNTLET OF POLO® competitor, Stewart Armstrong, welcomed the teams and spoke connected the astounding information successful this year’s U.S. Open Polo Championship®. The U.S. Open Polo Championship® gully was conducted by Haley Bryan, IPC Polo Coordinator, and determined the playing bid for the last tourney of the GAUNTLET, which begins Tuesday, March 29, astatine IPC. All games volition beryllium livestreamed exclusively connected Global Polo TV.

Defending champion Scone volition look an further 7 teams successful their combat to reclaim the astir prestigious rubric successful American polo. Made imaginable by the acceptance of idiosyncratic squad entries, the 7 caller teams (Aspen Valley Polo Club, Audi, Casablanca, Grand Champions Polo Club, Santa Rita Polo Farm, Sol de Agosto, Polo Training Foundation) joining the contention volition bring the full to an all-time precocious of 20 teams for the archetypal clip successful the tournament’s history. Significantly expanding the trouble of the U.S. Open Polo Championship® tract with the summation of 4 10-goalers, the last limb of the contention volition showcase the talents of 9 10-goalers. Reigning GAUNTLET champion Gonzalito Pieres (Grand Champions Polo Club) volition vie straight against his member and erstwhile Pilot teammate Facundo Pieres for the archetypal clip since the bid inception. 

Doubling the prize wealth from the erstwhile 2 tournaments, the winning squad of the U.S. Open Polo Championship® volition beryllium awarded $100,000. In keeping with the tone of philanthropy, U.S. Polo Assn. volition supply a $2,500 donation to the finalist teams to beryllium donated to a polo foundation of their choice.

The database of participating teams successful their recently announced tourney brackets are disposable below:

Side A:

Bracket I

  1. Grand Champions Polo Club (22) – Riley Ganzi (0), Gonzalito Pieres (10), Juan Bollini Sr. (4), Juan Martin Zubia (8)
  2. Santa Rita Polo Farm (22) – Melissa Ganzi (0), Camilo “Jeta” Castagnola (9), Polito Pieres (10), Hector Guerrero (3)
  3. La Elina (TBA) –  Facundo Obregon (6), Sapo Caset (10), Jared Zenni (6), TBA
  4. Scone (22)- David Paradice (0), Keko Magrini (3), Poroto Cambiaso (9), Adolfo Cambiaso (10)

Bracket II

  1. G-String Polo Ponies (22) – Gillian Johnston (1), Nico Escobar (5), Nico Pieres (9), Julian de Lusarreta (7)
  2. CK Shack (22) – Henry Porter (4), Martin “Facha” Valent (4), Santiago Toccalino (8), Kris Kampsen (6)
  3. Casablanca (22) – Juan Bollini Jr. (4), Sugar Erskine (6), Agustin Merlos (8), Luis Escobar (4)

Bracket III

  1. Aspen Valley Polo Club (TBA) – Vinny Sangaline (0), Pablo Mac Donough (10), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (7), TBA
  2. SD Farms (22) – Sayyu Dantata (2), Lucas Escobar (4), Pelon Stirling (10), Peco Polledo (6)
  3. Park Place (22/23) –  Andrey Borodin (0)/Josh Hyde (1), Juan Britos (9), Hilario Ulloa (10), Cody Ellis (3)

Side B:

Bracket IV

  1. Audi (22) – Marc Ganzi (2), Jason Crowder (5), Barto Castagnola (9), Paco de Narvaez (6)
  2. La Fe (20) – Louis Devaleix (0), Robi Bilbao (5), Francisco Elizalde (9), Lucas Diaz Alberdi (6)
  3. La Indiana (21) – Stewart Armstrong (3), Jeff Hall (6), Lucas “Luckitas” Criado Jr. (5), Mariano Aguerre (7)
  4. Tamera (22)- Alejandro Poma (1), Magoo Laprida/Alejo Taranco (8), Diego Cavanagh (9), Segundo Saravi (4)

Bracket V

  1. Dutta Corp/Show+ (22) – Timmy Dutta (4), Tomas Garcia del Rio (8), Iñaki Laprida (7), Joaquin Avendaño (3)
  2. Polo Training Foundation (22) – Nic Roldan (8), Carlitos Gracida (4), Jesse Bray (6), Matias Gonzalez (4)
  3. Cessna (21) – Will Johnston (2), Edward “Camp” Campbell (2), Miguel Novillo Astrada (9), Raul “Gringo” Colombres (8)

Bracket VI

  1. Old Hickory Bourbon/Airstream (22) – Matias Magrini (7), Santino Magrini (5), Stevie Orthwein (4), Joaquin Panelo (6)
  2. Sol de Agosto (22) –  Paco de Narvaez Jr. (2), Grant Ganzi (3), Juan Martin Nero (10), Victorino “Torito” Ruiz Jorba (7)
  3. Pilot (22) – Curtis Pilot (0), Mackenzie Weisz (5), Facundo Pieres (10), Matias Torres Zavaleta (7)


Please note, the USPA Gold Cup® semifinalists were seeded into abstracted brackets. Bracket I plays wrong the bracket. Bracket II plays transverse bracket with Bracket III. Bracket IV plays wrong the bracket. Bracket V plays transverse bracket with Bracket VI. Each squad volition play 3 games successful bracket play. After bracket play, teams are ranked 1-10 connected their broadside (Side A: Bracket I, II, III) (Side B: Bracket IV, V, VI). Tied teams that did not play each different volition spell to a one-man shootout. The apical 3 teams from each broadside spell straight to the quarterfinals. Fourth and 5th from each broadside person a playoff. Side A 4th and 5th draws from Side B 4th and fifth. Playoff winners beforehand to quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal pairings: Side A archetypal and 2nd and Side B archetypal and 2nd gully from Side A and B third-place teams and playoff winners.

Semifinal pairings: Quarterfinal winners beforehand to the semifinals. Semifinal winners beforehand to the U.S. Open Polo Championship® final.

Bringing the 2022 GAUNTLET OF POLO® to a close, the U.S. Open Polo Championship® volition beryllium contested March 29-April 24. All Sunday featured games volition beryllium held connected the prestigious U.S. Polo Assn. Field 1.

The U.S. Open Polo Championship® volition beryllium livestreamed connected Global Polo TV’s (GPTV) OTT platform, accessible connected and connected large apps including iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon FireTV. The last volition besides beryllium disposable arsenic a post-produced amusement connected the ESPN household of brands. Please cheque section listings for aerial times oregon sojourn to ticker on-demand.

New successful 2022, the Global Polo Pass yearly subscription has replaced the erstwhile walk options and volition see entree to each livestreamed USPA Official Events, prime planetary events and overmuch more. All USPA members person the Global Polo Pass escaped with a paid 2022 membership. Special offers are disposable at

For much accusation connected the U.S. Open Polo Championship® including afloat tourney schedule, history, video highlights and overmuch more, delight sojourn the U.S. Open Polo Championship® tourney item page connected the GAUNTLET OF POLO® tab connected For much accusation astir spectatorship astatine the International Polo Club Palm Beach, delight visit


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