This past weekend, on Sunday, June 12, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club (Carpinteria, California) saw continued action from the Pacific Coast Circuit Intra-Circuit Cup. Competition was fast and furious, as the winners would emerge with a golden ticket to the semifinals.

The day kicked off with a tense match between Dundas (Sarah Siegel-Magness, Juan Cruz Marcos, Geronimo Obregon*, Roberto Zedda) and Mokarow Farms (Brendon Stenzel, Rob Stenzel, Facundo Obregon, Kevin Mokarow, sub. Cory Williams). Mokarow Farms saw a substitution with Cory Williams in place of Adam Ramson who splits a spot with team owner Mokarow. In the high-scoring match, Mokarow Farms came out on top, 15-13. This left Mokarow with a 2-2 record, which sent them into a shootout at the end of the day. 

Cori Williams substituted on Mokarow Farms in their last game of bracket play.

Cori Williams substituted on Mokarow Farms in their last game of bracket play.

One of the midday games featured Dundas II (Cable Magness, Mariano Fassetta, Santi Von Wernich, Wes Bryan) facing off against FMB Too!/ Folded Hills (Will Busch, Juan Curbelo, Santi Wulff, Henry Walker). The final score ended at 10-8 in favor of FMB Too!/ Folded Hills. FMB Too!/ Folded Hills was the only team to remain undefeated in the tournament with a 4-0 record. Both teams went straight through to the Intra-Circuit semifinals.

The other midday game found Farmers & Merchants Bank (Bayne Bossom*, Ryan Kerley, Matt Walker, Lucas Criado) meeting Klentner Ranch (Justin Klentner, Luke Klentner, Jake Klentner*, Jesse Bray*). Klentner Ranch came out on top 12-10, which sent them to the shootout at the end of the day.

Dundas II's Cable Magness reaches for the shot ahead of FMB Too!/Folded Hills' Santiago Wulff.

Dundas II’s Cable Magness prepares for the shot ahead of FMB Too!/Folded Hills’ Santiago Wulff.

The featured match on the U.S. Polo Assn Stadium Field set Antelope (Grant Palmer, Santiago Llavalol, Jimmy Wright*, Santiago Trotz) to play Los Padres (Prince Harry, Kristos “Keko” Magrini*, Nacho Figueras, Juan Guerrero). This game was fast and furious, especially because the winner of the game was guaranteed a spot in the semifinals. After six riveting chukkers, Antelope narrowly won over Los Padres, 12-11. This sent Antelope straight through and placed Los Padres to compete in the afternoon shootout.

Antelope's Santiago Llavalol plays the ball in mid-air.

Antelope’s Santiago Llavalol keeps his eye on the ball in midair.

The shootout took place after the featured match and pitted Los Padres, Mokarow Farms and Klentner Ranch against each other. Los Padres, showcasing great talent from the penalty line, ultimately won the shootout. Therefore, the semifinalists for the Pacific Coast Circuit Intra-Circuit Cup are Dundas II, Antelope, Los Padres and FMB Too!/ Folded Hills.

On Friday, June 17, Dundas II and Antelope will battle it out to play for a coveted spot in the finals. Followed by Los Padres and FMB Too!/ Folded Hills. The Pacific Coast Circuit Intra-Circuit Cup Final will take place on Sunday, June 19.

All photos courtesy of ©David Lominska. 

*Kristos ‘Keko’ Magrini is an Active Team USPA Member, Bayne Bossom is a Graduating Team USPA Member and Geronimo Obregon, Jake Klentner, Jesse Bray and Jimmy Wright are Team USPA alumni. Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.


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