“St. Moritz is a cocktail of life, party, pleasure and sport”

Reto Gaudenzi, the heart and soul of the Snow Polo World Cup St. Mortiz, has a lot to be enthusiastic and happy about what’s coming up. After a year of absence due to the pandemic, the world’s most important snow polo tournament is back, better and brighter than ever. In addition, this mega event will be streamed on PoloLine TV, live from the breathtaking landscape of St. Moritz, in the Swiss Alps.

In 2022, the tournament will celebrate its 37th. edition and will run through January 28-30. It was established in 1985 as the first ever snow polo tournament in history, and the development of the competition has grown bigger and better every year, not only in terms of infraestructure, facilities as well as the luxury and pleasure it provides to the spectators, but also in the high level of polo and the unique snow polo ground, built on the frozen lake in St. Moritz. “We are very happy to be back; we had to cancel last year for the second time in the tournament’s history, and it was like too much”, says Reto. And he adds: “The tickets are already sold out, the weather is amazing, so we expect to spend a fantastic weekend”. 

A charismatic man, always nice and in high spirits, Reto defines the tournament as a “combination of everthing – high class polo, very good players and the beautiful natural sorroundings, in addition to the luxury hotels and the parties we host in them. St. Moritz is a cocktail of life, party, pleasure and sport”. 

Full of enthusiasm and energy, Reto states: “St. Moritz not only organised the first snow polo tournament in the world, it is also the best; and it’s not me who is saying this, everybody say the same. It is very difficult to built a snow polo ground but we definelty know how to make it. We have the skills and the infraestructure to achieve it. The combination of the snow, the sun, the horses and the incredible beauty of the natural landscape is amazing”.

The 2022 edition will see six teams up to 16 goals, compete, in lineups composed by some of the great stars of the sport. Sapo Caset, Max Charlton, Robert Strom, Isidro Strada, Nic Roldán, Tommy Biddle, Tito Gaudenzi (Reto’s son), Alejandro Novillo Astrada, are among the polo stars who will play on the snow in St. Moritz. And moreover, Azerbaijan Land of Fire will be there once again, led by their captain, the Azerbaijan-born player Elcin Jamalli. Azerbaijan is a country which has a special place in Reto’s heart: “We’ve been working in Azerbaijan for ten years, through the tradition of chovgan, a sport similar to polo”, he explains.

In addition, the participation of the Azeri lineup provides a sensational extra attraction to the event – the impressive, wonderful equestrian exhibitions, with brave riders displaying their amazing horse skills to the delight of the spectators. “Azerbaijan is the craddle of polo, a country that has a large equestrian tradition. With the help of the Laplacettes, we were able to introduce them to polo”, says a proud Reto. “Today, we have several players, three clubs, and polo on arena, grass and snow, and we will open a big new ground there this year”. 

Last but not least, and as we said before, the competiton will be available to watch live through PoloLine TV, and available to follow the event in real time from any device and all over the world. “I am very happy to have PoloLine in St. Mortiz, as our partners in the production for the high quality of their live streamings. We have the quality of the event and PoloLine have the quality of the production and coverage, so the combination of both will bring a great product to be seen and reflected very well around the world”, concludes Reto Gaudenzi.


Reto Gaudenzi, the heart and soul of snow polo in St. Moritz

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