Thailand Ladies Polo Tournament showcases the strength of women

sport that is growing in popularity among female athletes. The Thailand Polo Association organizes the “Thailand Ladies’ Polo Tournament 2022” with female polo players. and the country’s leading polo players attended the event. There are 3 teams of female polo riders participating in the competition, namely VS Sports Club Team, Siam Polo Park Team Pattaya and Team Marengo. The winning team was VS Sports Club, second place was Marengo team, and Siam Polo Park Pattaya team finished third, respectively. Ploy Pinsang received great encouragement from her family. “Kanoksak-Chanthamat Pinsaeng”.

After the race on the first day, ‘Asado Dinner’ was held as one of the traditions. Dharma eating of polo players around the world to build relationships between athletes. The event was honored by Woramas Srivaddhanaprabha, a representative of a new generation of women with leadership. Presiding over the opening ceremony of the finals and awarding prizes to the winning team There will also be an MVP AWARD, or Most Valuable Player Award. which this award belongs to “Ling Ling-Sasirrat Tomongkol” from the Siam Polo Park team in Pattaya

Ploy Pinsaeng Director of the Polo Equestrian Association of Thailand and the Thai women’s polo team who participated in this competition On behalf of the VS Sports Club team, said that after the success of the International Ladies Polo Tournament that has been recognized as a World Ranking of polo players. Women around the world, the association sees that women in Thailand are increasingly interested in polo. Therefore, I would like to give an opportunity to compete in the program that is the standard of the association. When the COVID-19 situation has eased, the “Thailand Ladies Polo Tournament” is held for the first time for the first time. It is hoped that this will be a great opportunity to create more female polo players in Thailand.

Today, women are increasingly interested in the sport of polo. This has led to an increase in the number of female players at the Beginner level, which is very gratifying. Although polo is a difficult sport to play. But actually like all sports. is to rely on continuous training abandon fear open to new challenges In which the trainees will gain many skills such as controlling the horse, using various touches. Or even practicing strategy. Personally, “Ploy” will prepare by going to the gym to exercise. And go to the field to practice with the trainers by sticking and ball (Stick & Ball) and playing Chukka (Chukka) 3 times a week.

In this regard, the Polo Equestrian Association of Thailand Two more polo events are planned, in March and April. which will adjust the format accordingly under preventive measures in the situation of COVID-19 Those who are interested can follow the details and inquire at

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