The 1st Women’s Polo World Cup begins and from the opening match, Argentina-Ireland, it can be enjoyed live on

A new milestone in the history of polo is approaching: between April 9 and 16, at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo, the Women’s Polo World Cup presented by RUS Fem will be held for the first time, under the tutelage of the International Federation. de Polo (FIP), and from the opening match, which this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. (ARG) the host will play against Ireland, until the grand final can be enjoyed live on

In 1987, under the presidency of Don Marcos Uranga, the 14-goal World Cup organized by the FIP was played for the first time. The initial edition was played in our country and the champion was Argentina, who today is the top winner of the tournament, with 5 titles.

Thirty-five years later and with Delfín Uranga (son of Marcos) commanding the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), the Women’s World Cup arrives to mark a new milestone.

This first edition will feature the participation of six teams, three of them American: Argentina, Brazil and the United States; and the rest of the old continent, Europe (England, Ireland and Italy).

Women’s polo is growing by leaps and bounds not only in our country but throughout the world and that is why this new world contest gives a new visualization to polo players, who year after year strive more and more to reach the top. .

This first contest will be played on the mythical fields of Palermo, which every polo player wants to get to at some point.

How will the tournament be played?
There will be two groups of three teams each that will face the American (all against all) between 9 and 13/4. On the 14th it will be the turn of the crossed semifinals between the first two of both groups, while on Saturday the 16th the grand final will be played.


2:30 p.m. Argentina vs. Ireland (P1)

16.00 Brazil vs. Italy (P2)

Date 2- SUNDAY, APRIL 10:

2:30 p.m. United States vs. loser 2

4:00 p.m. England vs. loser 1

Date 3- TUESDAY, APRIL 12:

2:30 p.m. England vs. Winner 1

4:00 p.m. United States vs. winner 2

Semifinals- THURSDAY, APRIL 14:

14.30 1st. Zone A vs. 2nd. Zone B

16.00 1st. Zone B vs. 2nd. Zone A

Bronze Cup Final- THURSDAY, APRIL 14:

11.00 3rd. Zone A vs. 3rd. Zone B (In Pillar)


silver cup

14.30 Loser Semifinal 1 vs. Semi Final Loser 2

gold Cup
16.00 Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semi Final 2

All matches of the tournament will be broadcast live via streaming on

The participating teams:

Argentina: Agustina Imaz 4, Azucena Uranga 5, Catalina Lavinia 6 and Paulina Vasquetto 1. Total: 16.

England: Frances Townend 1, Amelia Hughes 3, Heloise Wilson-Smith 6 y Emma Tomlinson 6. Total: 16.

Ireland: Caroline Keeling 1, Siobhan Herbst 4, April Kent 4 e Inés Lalor 7. Total: 16.


Brazil: Eduarda Vilela Rosa Engler 3, Ana Claudia Marinho 3, Alice Hopp Meireles 3 and Lucia Junqueira Du Plessis 3. Total: 12.

United States: Audry Persano 5, Erica Gandomcar 5, Lilian Lequerica 3 and Jenna Davis 3. Total: 16.

Italy: Ginevra Visconti 1, Alice Coria 3, Maria VittoriaMarchiorello 3 and Camila Rossi 5. Total: 12.

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