The competition will be very spicy, but we do have a fun and a very good team

The talented Córdoba-born player, Facundo Sola, is currently in England with Murus Sanctus, where they are due to play the 22-goal season, which for them already commenced with the Trippetts Challenge, hosted by Cowdray Park Polo Club. Corinne Ricard’s 2022 lineup will feature a brand-new foursome, with Alfredo Cappella joining Facu once again, in addtion to Marcos “Cacu” Araya.

Unlike the previous years, when Facundo began his year abroad, the start of 2022 found him in Argentina during the first four months for many reasons, including his wedding to Rocío Rondina.  “I decided to stay in Argentina, early in the year; we had a long season which began in the first days of February”, Facundo told PoloLine. And he adds: “We played many practices in Murus, I went to Coronel Suárez to take part of the Belgrano Cup, and we also played the circuit for the República Argentina Cup. Last but not least, we participated and won the Ellerstina stage of the Argentina Polo Tour, with Corinne, Nacho Acuña and Joaco Pittaluga. That was good to find the right shape for the season in England. We really had a good time; and moreover, since I’ve been injured, I wanted to take things more easily”.

As we said at the start, the French team’s British lineup have two new faces, that will provide the best of expectations to Corinne and her boys. Says Facu: “We decided to hire Cacu and Alfredo last year, after the end of the season in England, around August, September, when teams start to come up; Sapo (NR: Caset) went on to play with Marqués de Riscal, so we spoke to Alfre. Then, as we needed a 6-goaler, I called Cacu, with whom I have a great relationship. We played against each other many times, he is a great player, so I can tell you that our team is very good, we all get along very well”

How do you see this year’s English season?

It will be very tough, there are several teams, very good teams. The competition will be very spicy, but we do have a very good team, a lot of fun; we will have a good time, and we also want to win games.

Although there are still a long way before the start of the seaon in Argentina, Murus Sanctus has already confirmed the lineup that will be playing the Triple Crown. The addition of Juan Martín Nero and Pablo MacDonough, in 2021, didn’t fullfill Murus Sanctus’ the expectations, so Facu and Sapo Caset will be joined by Alfredo Bigatti and Jerónimo del Carril. “Alfre called us in order to play with us alongside Jero, because they remained together when La Ensenada broke up. The team sounds a lot of fun, we get along great. I mean, I’ve never played with the two of them, but they are indeed great players, so, in my view, I think we will have a lot of potential; we are very well organised and each of us will play in their positions”, states Facu.

In your opinion, why do you thnk RS Murus Sanctus couldn’t make it with Pablo and Juanma?

See, we weren’t unable to play together for a long time. I had an injury which didn’t allow me to play a proper team practice. Then, Pablo got injured as well… personally, I think it was my worst season in Argentina so far. If you are not able to play enough practices, you give advantage to your contenders, both in terms of play and horses, because if that case you are not able to set the horses up properly. And if you give such advantage in this level of play, you lose. I guess the team paid the consequences, because there was not a connection; and that connection is provided through playing together and team practices, something we weren’t able to do, unfortunately. I was a pity, indeed, because we really had a very good team and I feel we could have done more.

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