The VI Women’s Argentine Open kicks off on Monday

The VI Women’s Argentine Open is due to start on Monday November 22, at the AAP Headquarters, in Pilar. The most important ladies tournament worldwide will see eight teams between 20 and 33 goals – ladies handicap -, in participation, in lineups composed by some of the best players from Argentina, United Arab Emirates, United States, France and England.

Title holders, La Dolfina BP, will go for their fourth trophy, following those of 2017 and 2018. Their greatest rivals, El Overo Z7 UAE, is back for the rematch, however without one of their key members, Lía Salveo. Her place will be taken by no less than HH Sheikha Maitha, who is due to play the Women’s Argentine Open for the first time ever.

It is worth noting that the championship match will take place on Friday December 2, on Palermo field 2, prior to the final of the 129th. Argentine Polo Open.

VI Women’s Argentine Open – Teams

League 1

La Dolfina BP: Mía Cambiaso 7, Milagros Fernández Araujo 7, Carina Clarkin 10 y Candelaria Fernández 9. Total: 33.

La Aguada Miranda Bosch: Mía Novillo Astrada 7, Azucena Uranga 6, Jazmín Dupont 5 e Inés Lalor 7. Total: 25.

Thai Polo: Sofía Rivas 5, Maitena Marré 6, Catalina Lavinia 6 y Sol López Llames 7. Total: 24.

Puerta Abierta Wolfpack Polo: Agustina Imaz 5, Clara Martínez Ferrario 5, Isabella Lyle Wolf 5 y Kyle Laura Sheehan 5. Total: 20.

League 2

La Irenita E-Movility: Milagros Sánchez 7, Isabelle Parsons 8, Hope Arellano 8 y Fátima Balzano 6. Total: 29.

El Overo Z7 UAE: Sheika Maitha Al Maktoum 4, Clara Cassino 8, Milly Hine 7 y Hazel Jackson 9. Total: 28.

La Ensenada Lancome: Pearl Venot 5, Lucie Venot 5, Luisa del Carril 5 y Elena Venot 7. Total: 22.

Las Bétulas Turmalina Polo: Mia Anne Bray 5, Catline Dixie 5, Sofía Lorenzo 5 y Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 22.

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