The Wellington Polo Tour is ready to roll

A new initiative—the Wellington Polo Tour—has been launched this 2022 as part of Wellington’s traditional, and intense, high goal season. Its impact is already outstandingly positive. The Tour will officially be launched this Wednesday, January 12. The tour, composed of three tournaments, will see twelve teams, up to 16 goals, compete.

“The owners of the private fields in Wellington got together and decided that they wanted to play a competitive 16-goal league,” say the representatives of the Wellington Polo Tour. “They called Tim Gannon, who had previously organised the Outback League, which was a great success. Tim was then named Honorary President of the League.”

During those early conversations, Gannon highlighted three fundamental aspects, three words that reflect the objectives of the tour: Fair, competitive, and fun. The league will focus on those pillars, also ensuring that there are a decent number of social events and parties to compliment the action. 

The Wellington Polo Tour will be formed of three tournaments: the USPA Outback Invitational (January 16 – February 12), the USPA Continental Cup (February 15 – March 12), and the USPA State of Florida Cup (March 14 – April 9). 

Action will be hosted at the fields of some of the most important clubs of the area such as Valiente, Tonkawa, Patagones, Santa Clara, SD Farms, and Equuleus.

“The hope for the Wellington Polo Tour is for it to be very competitive,” say the representatives of the Wellington Polo League. “Many local players will be invited to play. We are very happy with the twelve teams we have, and we don’t rule out adding more. We are very excited, we did not expect to have so many teams join us from the start.”

The high goal season in the US is already underway, and eyes will soon turn to this new series of tournaments. 


Honorary Chairman: Tim Gannon

Carlucho Arellano (USPA)

Jimmy Stewart (Representante de los jugadores) 

Toby Wyman (Handicap Committee)

Juan Olivera (Polo Manager)


DUNDAS: Sara Seigel-Magness 0, Mariano Fasseta 4, Jejo Taranco 8, Segundo Saravi 4.

G-SQUARED: Larry Aschebrook 0, Juan Martin Obregon 5, Nino Obregon 7, Matias Obregon 4.

EQUULEUS: Joe Di Menna 0, Martin Pepa 3, Magoo Laprida 8, Mariano Gonzalez 5.

HAWAII POLO LIFE: Chris Dawson 1, Jake Klentner 1, Diego Cavanagh 9, Tatu Gomez Romero 4.

ICONICA: Maureen Brennan 1, Manuel Elizalde 7, Peke Gonzalez 7, TBA.

LOUDMOUTH: Andrew Seibert 0, Kris Kampsen 6, Lerin Zubiaurre 7, Nick Manifold 3.

PALM BEACH EQUINE: Scott Swerdlin 0, Keko Magrini 3, Gringo Colombres 8, Dylan Rossiter 5.

PATAGONES: Benjamin Avendaño 2, Joaquin Avendaño 3, Jesse Bray 6, Santi Wulff 5.

SANTA CLARA: Francisco Escobar 0, TBA, TBA, Luis Escobar 4.

SD FARMS: Sayyu Dantata Jr. 1, Carlos Gracida Jr. 4, Tommy Collingwood 5, Peco Polledo 6.

SLAVA POLO: Igor Seyranov 0, Juan Monteverde 5, Michel Dorignac 6, Marcos Alberdi 5.

TONKAWA: Jeff Hildebrand 0, Matt Coppola 5, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 6, Nacho Badiola 5.

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