This was the fall of Argentine polo player Clemente Zavaleta during the Palm Beach Open

The filming of the accident suffered by the son of one of the Golden Triplets in Palm Beach (Florida) during a polo game was released. He’s in hospital and had to have been operated on. SENSITIVE IMAGES

These are very difficult and crucial hours in the life of Clemente Zavaleta, Argentine polo player and son of one of the Golden Triplets, who this Thursday starred in a dramatic fall of his horse at a match in Palm Beach (Florida) and had to be hospitalized urgently. A serious accident that left him unconscious for 15 minutes and caused several injuries that required him two surgeries.

Recently, images of the action that led to the emergency hospitalization of Corchito Zavaleta, who had to be quickly transferred by helicopter to a nearby medical center, became known. In the video it is seen that his horse loses stability in the dispute with a rival and both end up on the ground. He took the brunt of it.

Zavaleta, who was playing for the Canadian team Frederick Mannix, named Alegría, alongside Argentines Agustín Merlos and Juan Bollini, is visibly in pain. His teammates and the players on the Catamount team—comprised of Pablo Pieres, Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Victorino Ruiz Jorba and Scott Devon—quickly approached with concern.

Corchito arrived at the hospital on time to be treated. The official medical report indicated that he had a clot in his head next to a brain stem injury, while a lung bled and several ribs were fractured. The specialists had to drain the areas and induce him into a coma to proceed to last night’s operation, which proved successful.

During the last few hours he underwent surgery again to decompress the area. His condition is reserved but, as Infobae learned, he is stable: at this time they are constantly monitoring their blood pressure and evaluating their evolution minute by minute.

The match in which Zavaleta suffered this serious accident was suspended at the time they equaled 3-3 in the second chukker. This match was played within the framework of the World Polo League, with 26 handicap goals, in the high season of the United States.Clement ZavaletaClemente Zavaleta is the son of the former polo player of the same name and María Emilia Fernández Rousse, member of the Golden Triplets

His father, also named Clemente Zavaleta (married 40 years ago to triplet Maria Emilia), was a polo player and works as manager in the Alegría organization, which is based in Buenos Aires and on North American soil. In the Triple Crown in Argentina, Corchito is the regular protagonist with 7 goals of appreciation. Their positions on the field are number 3 (playmaker) or back (defender).

His mother, singer and actress Maria Emilia Fernández Rousse, will travel to the United States in the next few hours to accompany the 36-year-old polo player. She was on vacation with her sisters and mother in the town of Mar de Cobo, Buenos Aires province.

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