Tournoi de la Ville de Paris will come to an end on the weekend

The Tournoi de la Ville de Paris, that’s underway in the sophisticated Polo de Paris since May 22, is in the final countdown, with the last qualifying round due on Saturday June 4, and the finals on Sunday June 5.

The tournament preceeds the prestigious Open de Paris, and sees six teams up to 12 goals compete.

The Polo de Paris is one of the most lavish and glamorous polo clubs of the world and the oldest in France. Set in the heart of Bois de Boulogne, only ten minutes from the center of Paris and the banks of the Seine, recalls the polo field in Palermo, in the center of Buenos Aires. Polo reached Paris towards the end of the XIX Century, in 1891. In April of the following year, a group of polo lovers, including Polo de Paris founders Viscount de la Rochefoucald-Doudeaville and The Duke of Estrées, began constructing. They hired land from the City of Paris previously used by French officers to prepare for equestrian events. Bit by bit, the club started coming together and Polo de París was officially opened on August 1, 1892; founder Viscount de la Rochefoucald-Doudeaville became the first President of the club. The first official season kicked off on April 15, 1893, with the first edition of the Paris Open. Slowly, France was building a path within a sport in which England was still the most powerful country.

The schedule of the Tournoi de la Ville de París for the upcoming weekend is the following:

  • Saturday June 4:

11am, Coupe Cibao La Pampa: Ste. Mesme vs. Kazak

2,30pm, Coupe de la Ville de Neuilly: Costa Rica vs. Red Falcon

3,45pm, Coupe du Prince Philip: Baron d’Avella  vs. Le Halmo

  • Sunday June 5 – FINALS:

10,30am, fifth place, Coupe Rao Raja Singh: TBA

1,30pm, Coupe de la Ville de Paris: Kazak vs. Ste. Mesme

2,45pm, third place, Coupe de l’Amité Franco-Argentine: TBA.


Red Falcon: Lauren Dassault 0, Jules Legoubin 3, Matthieu Delfosse 4, Pelayo Berazadi 5. Total: 12.

Costa Rica: Felipe Gómez 2, Antonio Gómez 1, Joevy Beh 3, Garvy Beh 5. Total: 11.

Le Hamo: Nicolás Desjoouis 0, Charles Letourneur 0, Clément Delfosse 5, Juan Ruiz Guuiñazu 7. Total: 12.

Baron d’Avella: Fréderic d’Avella -1, Gonzalo Quesada 0, Mariano Uranga 6, Pierre-Henri N’Goumou 6. Total: 11

Kazak: Patrick Paillol 5, Tomás Ferraro 2, Santiago Irastorza 5, Martín Ferrari 0. Total: 12.

Sainte Mesme: Robert Strom 5, Jaime Serra 2, Sawai Padmanabah Singh 2, Gonzalo Bernal 2. Total: 12.

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